Security Executive Council

Elsevier's Security Executive Council Risk Management Portfolio is the voice of the security leader. It equips executives, practitioners, and educators with proven information and practical solutions for successful security and risk management programs. Topics covered are: risk mitigation and assessment, ideation and implementation, and professional development.

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Learn how business and security imperatives interact and complement each other with our collection of books. This workplace-proven information is delivered by security specialists who know how to implement, maintain, and gain stakeholder support for organizational security initiatives. These titles are a rich information source for executives, practitioners, and educators.

Proven Practices

Security practitioners rely on tested methods and strategies. Our Proven Practices are narrated PowerPoint presentation videos that deliver up-to-date advice for immediate practical use. Also effective as training tools, these presentations efficiently describe security practices that have been successfully implemented in the field and proven to work.


The state of the art of security is constantly advancing. Stay on top of the latest trends and data (and how your peers are using it) with our original research. These reports by security experts in the public and private sectors provide actionable intelligence for practitioners, educators, and managers.