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Life Sciences

The scope of life sciences is as vast as the variety of life on Earth: mathematical biology, developmental biology, molecular and cell biology, parasitology and virology, microbiology and immunology — the list goes on. Elsevier, through its renowned imprints like Academic Press, provides high-quality content in all of these areas that supports learning, teaching, and research. Our books, eBooks, journals, and online tools are cross-disciplinary, allowing academics and professionals to effectively learn about science outside their areas of focus.

Spotlight on Nanette J. Pazdernik

Nanette J. Pazdernik,Biotechnology,2nd Edition,9780123850157
Author of Biotechnology, 2nd Edition

Nanette J. Pazdernik, Ph.D. is a co-author of Biotechnology, 2nd edition and Molecular Biology, 2nd edition, with Dr. David Clark. The second edition of Molecular Biology won a Texty award from the Textbook and Academic Authors Association in 2013. She has also authored an on-line study guide to accompany the update edition of Molecular Biology. She has taught courses in General Biology, Genetics, as well as Anatomy and Physiology at Southwestern Illinois College, McKendree University, and Harris-Stowe University. She received her BA in Biology from Lawrence University... [More...]


Biotechnology, 2nd Edition

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Release Date: 25 Jun 2015

Essentials of Stem Cell Biology

The only source that provides firsthand accounts of the latest stem cell research from the leading experts[ More... ]
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USD 199.95
Release Date: 04 Nov 2013

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