Green Composites

Green Composites, 1st Edition

Polymer Composites and the Environment

Green Composites, 1st Edition,C Baillie,ISBN9781855737396

C Baillie   

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Key Features

  • Reviews fibre reinforced polymer composite production
  • Explains how environmental footprints can be diminished at every stage of the life-cycle


There is an increasing movement of scientists and engineers who are dedicated to minimising the environmental impact of polymer composite production. Life cycle assessment is of paramount importance at every stage of a product’s life, from initial synthesis through to final disposal and a sustainable society needs environmentally safe materials and processing methods. With an internationally recognised team of contributors, Green Composites examines fibre reinforced polymer composite production and explains how environmental footprints can be diminished at every stage of the life cycle.

The introductory chapters look at why we should consider green composites, their design and life cycle assessment. The properties of natural fibre sources such as cellulose and wood are then discussed. Chapter 6 examines recyclable synthetic fibre-thermoplastic composites as an alternative solution and polymers derived from natural sources are covered in Chapter 7. The factors that influence the properties of these natural composites and natural fibre thermoplastic composites are detailed in Chapters 8 and 9. The final four chapters consider clean processing, applications, recycling, degradation and reprocessing.

Green composites is an essential guide for agricultural crop producers, government agricultural departments, automotive companies, composite producers and material scientists all dedicated to the promotion and practice of eco-friendly materials and production methods.

C Baillie

Caroline Baillie is the Dupont Canada Chair of Engineering Education Research and Development at Queen’s University, Ontario. Her research interests focus on natural sustainable composites and biomimicry and the development of engineering-based solutions for environmental and social problems. She has contributed to over 100 publications in materials science and education and has authored four books and edited two special editions on natural fibre composites.

Affiliations and Expertise

Queen's University, Canada

Green Composites, 1st Edition

Why green composites? An introduction; Designing green composites: Traditional and future trends; Life cycle assessment (LCA); Natural fibre sources; Alternative fibre sources: Paper and wood fibres as reinforcement; Alternative solutions: Recyclable synthetic fibre-thermoplastic composites; Natural polymer sources; Optimizing the properties of green composites; Green fibre thermoplastic composites; Clean production; Applications; Extraction for reuse: Recycling and degradation of composites; Reprocessing.
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