Shellfish Safety and Quality

Shellfish Safety and Quality, 1st Edition

Shellfish Safety and Quality, 1st Edition,S E Shumway,G E Rodrick,ISBN9781845691523

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Key Features

  • Reviews the latest research on significant hazards such as microbial and biotoxin contamination
  • Discusses effective management of shellfish safety and quality, including emerging methods
  • Examines improved packaging methods


Shellfish are a very popular and nutritious food source worldwide and their consumption has risen dramatically. Because of their unique nature as compared to beef and poultry, shellfish have their own distinct aspects of harvest, processing and handling. Edited by leading authorities in the field, this collection of review papers discusses issues of current interest and outlines steps that can be taken by the shellfish industry to improve shellfish safety and eating quality.

Opening chapters provide an overview of the key issues associated with microbial and biotoxin contamination. Parts two and three then address in more detail methods to improve molluscan shellfish and crustacean quality and safety. Chapters focus on detection of algal toxins, monitoring and mitigation of the effects of harmful algal blooms, metals and organic contaminants, biofouling, disease control and selective breeding. Part four reviews legislation, regulation, public confidence in shellfish and risk management. Chapters on post-harvest issues, such as depuration, storage and packaging complete the volume.

With its distinguished editors and international team of experts, Shellfish safety and quality is an essential reference for those in the shellfish industry, managers, policymakers and academics in the field.

S E Shumway

Dr Sandra E. Shumway is a Research Professor at the University of Connecticut, USA. She is Editor of the Journal of Shellfish Research and the Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology, Founder and co-Editor of Harmful Algae, Past-president of the National Shellfisheries Association, and a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

Affiliations and Expertise

University of Connecticut

G E Rodrick

Dr Gary E. Rodrick is Professor of Food Science and Human Nutrition at the University of Florida, USA. Well-known for his research on food safety, he is co-Editor of the Food Safety Handbook and serves on the International Advisory Committee for Science-Diliman.

Affiliations and Expertise

University of Florida, USA

Shellfish Safety and Quality, 1st Edition

Part 1 Shellfish safety: An introduction: Microbial contamination and shellfish safety; Biotoxin contamination and shellfish safety. Part 2 Improving molluscan shellfish safety and quality: Viral contaminants of molluscan shellfish: Detection and characterisation; Monitoring viral contamination of molluscan shellfish; Algal toxins and their detection; Monitoring of harmful algal blooms; Mitigation of effects of harmful algal blooms; Modelling as a mitigation strategy for harmful algal blooms; Metals and organic contaminants in bivalve molluscs; Managing molluscan shellfish-borne microbial diseases; Disease and molluscs quality; Hazard analysis and critical control point programs for raw oyster processing and handling; Biofouling and the shellfish industry. Part 3 Improving crustacean safety and quality: Optimization of crustacean quality through husbandry and adherence to post-harvest standards for processing; Development of vaccines and management of viral diseases of crustaceans; Specific pathogen-free (SPF) shrimp stocks in shrimp farming facilities as a novel method for disease control in crustaceans; Selective breeding of penaeid shrimp. Part 4 Regulation and management of shellfish safety: Legislation, regulation and public confidence in shellfish; Risk management of shell fisheries. Part 5 Post-harvest issues: Molluscan shellfish depuration; Slaughter, storage, transport and packaging of crustaceans; Packaging, storage and transport of molluscan shellfish.

Quotes and reviews

From a professional shellfish farmer's perspective this is essential review material that is totally current. The authors are all highly respected in the fields they comment upon. Simply required on the shelf in front of you and IS worth the money., Mr A Legg, Customer
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