Vehicle thermal Management Systems (VTMS8)

Vehicle thermal Management Systems (VTMS8), 1st Edition

Vehicle thermal Management Systems (VTMS8), 1st Edition,ISBN9781843343486

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Major topics addressed include: Engine and engine compartment heat transfer; engine thermal loading; coolants and cooling systems heating, air conditioning and climate control and passenger comfort; heat exchanger developments; air flow management; vehicle thermal system modelling, control and integration; thermal system component; manufacturing and manufacturing processes; fabrication, test and materials development; thermal management implications of: minimising exhaust emissions; reducing power consumption and improving fuel economy; utilising fuel cells, hybrid and alternative power train.

Vehicle thermal Management Systems (VTMS8), 1st Edition

Papers cover the following areas: Heat and A/C; Heat Exchanger/Manufacture; Engines; Emissions/Fuel Economy; Alternative Powertrain; External & Internal Component Flows; Heat & A/C Vehicle Comfort; Under hood.
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