Internal Combustion Engines

Internal Combustion Engines, 1st Edition

Performance, Fuel Economy and Emissions

Internal Combustion Engines, 1st Edition,ISBN9781782421832

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Key Features

  • presents the latest requirements and challenges for personal transport applications
  • gives an insight into the technical advances and research going on in the IC Engines field
  • provides the latest developments in compression and spark ignition engines for light and heavy-duty applications, automotive and other markets


This book presents the papers from the <I>Internal Combustion Engines: Performance, fuel economy and emissions</I> held in London, UK. This popular international conference from the Institution of Mechanical Engineers provides a forum for IC engine experts looking closely at developments for personal transport applications, though many of the drivers of change apply to light and heavy duty, on and off highway, transport and other sectors. These are exciting times to be working in the IC engine field. With the move towards downsizing, advances in FIE and alternative fuels, new engine architectures and the introduction of Euro 6 in 2014, there are plenty of challenges. The aim remains to reduce both CO2 emissions and the dependence on oil-derivate fossil fuels whilst meeting the future, more stringent constraints on gaseous and particulate material emissions as set by EU, North American and Japanese regulations. How will technology developments enhance performance and shape the next generation of designs? The book introduces compression and internal combustion engines’ applications, followed by chapters on the challenges faced by alternative fuels and fuel delivery. The remaining chapters explore current improvements in combustion, pollution prevention strategies and data comparisons.


These papers will be useful for academic experts on internal combustion engines and their systems, research specialists, equipment suppliers and all those with an interest in the IC engine field.

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