Cell Press Reviews: Core Concepts in Cell Biology

Cell Press Reviews: Core Concepts in Cell Biology, 1st Edition

Cell Press Reviews: Core Concepts in Cell Biology, 1st Edition,ISBN9780124201934

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Collates topical review articles recently published in Cell Press journals to offer a broad overview of the recent research developments in cell biology

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Key Features

• Provides timely, comprehensive coverage across a broad range of cell biological topics
• Offers foundational knowledge and expert insights to students and others new to the field
• Features reviews from leaders in cell biology research and discussion of future directions for the field
• Includes articles originally published in Cell, Current Biology, Developmental Cell, and Trends in Cell Biology


Written by leading cell biologists and curated by Cell Press editors, reviews in the Cell Press Reviews: Core Concepts in Cell Biology publication informs, inspires, and connects cell biologists at all stages in their careers with timely, comprehensive insight into the most recent exciting developments across cell biology and hot topics within core areas of the field including:

  • Signaling mechanisms and membrane biology
  • Cytoskeletal self-organization and cell polarity
  • Organelle dynamics and biogenesis
  • Morphogenesis and cell motility
  • Chromatin and genome organization in nuclear function

Contributions come from leading voices in cell biology, who are defining the future of their field, including:
- Tom Misteli, National Cancer Institute
- Galit Lahav, Harvard Medical School
- Scott D. Emr, Cornell University
- David G. Drubin, University of California, Berkeley
- Tom Rapoport, Harvard Medical School
- Anthony A. Hyman, Max Planck Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology, Dresden

This publication is part of the Cell Press Reviews series, which features reviews published in Cell Press primary research and Trends reviews journals.


Academic, medical researchers and students across cell biology, molecular biology, developmental biology, stem cells

Cell Press Reviews: Core Concepts in Cell Biology, 1st Edition

1) The cell biology of genomes: Bringing the double helix to life; Tom Misteli; Cell
2) Condensin, chromatin crossbarring and chromosome condensation; Rahul Thadani, Frank Uhlmann and Sebastian Heeger; Current Biology
3) Nuclear positioning; Gregg G. Gundersen and Howard J. Worman; Cell
4) Evolution and function of the mitotic checkpoint; Mathijs Vleugel, Erik Hoogendoorn, Berend Snel and Geert J.P.L. Kops; Developmental Cell
5) Cell division orientation in animals; Taryn E. Gillies and Clemens Cabernard; Current Biology
6) Cell polarity: Mechanochemical patterning; Nathan W. Goehring and Stephan W. Grill; Trends in Cell Biology
7) Encoding and decoding cellular information through signaling dynamics; Jeremy E. Purvis and Galit Lahav; Cell
8) Directed cytoskeleton self-organization; Timothée Vignaud, Laurent Blanchoin and Manuel Théry; Trends in Cell Biology
9) Mitochondria in apoptosis: Bcl-2 family members and mitochondrial dynamics; Jean-Claude Martinou and Richard J. Youle; Developmental Cell
10) Golgi membrane dynamics and lipid metabolism; Vytas A. Bankaitis, Rafael Garcia-Mata and Carl J. Mousley; Current Biology
11) Weaving the web of ER tubules; Junjie Hu, William A. Prinz and Tom A. Rapoport; Cell
12) The ESCRT pathway; William M. Henne, Nicholas J. Buchkovich and Scott D. Emr; Developmental Cell
13) Mechanisms of autophagosome biogenesis; David C. Rubinsztein, Tomer Shpilka and Zvulun Elazar; Current Biology
14) Organelle growth control through limiting pools of cytoplasmic components; Nathan W. Goehring and Anthony A. Hyman; Current Biology
15) Curvature, lipid packing, and electrostatics of membrane organelles: Defining cellular territories in determining specificity; Joëlle Bigay and Bruno Antonny; Developmental Cell
16) Clathrin-mediated endocytosis in budding yeast; Jasper Weinberg and David G. Drubin; Trends in Cell Biology
17) Life at the leading edge; Anne J. Ridley; Cell
18) Use the force: Membrane tension as an organizer of cell shape and motility; Alba Diz-Muñoz, Daniel A. Fletcher and Orion D. Weiner; Trends in Cell Biology
19) Thinking outside the cell: How cadherins drive adhesion; Julia Brasch, Oliver J. Harrison, Barry Honig and Lawrence Shapiro; Trends in Cell Biology
20) Actin cortex mechanics and cellular morphogenesis; Guillaume Salbreux , Guillaume Charras and Ewa Paluch; Trends in Cell Biology


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