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Official Journal of the International Society of Personalized Medicine



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Aims & Scope

Personalized Medicine Universe, an official journal of the International Society of Personalized Medicine, publishes original articles.
The aim of personalized medicine is to provide an individual therapeutic strategy taking into consideration diagnosis based on both biotechnology and environmental factors that may influence therapeutic response. The key factor in personalized medicine is an individual's medical portrait which will be highlighted by patient-specific information such as lifestyle, philosophy, and current mental and somatic problems as well as pharmacogenomics and biomarkers.
Genomic medicine, pharmacogenomics, and proteomics, which are the base of translational research in realization of personalized medicine, have made rapid strides. A platform for discussion and research in the field of techniques and methods of how to utilize them in clinical practice will be the most important factor in realizing personalized medicine.
Personalized Medicine Universe aims to publish the highest quality papers seeking to establish the field of personalized medicine in clinical applications and to develop it further.
Personalized Medicine Universe is a peer-reviewed, international, English-language journal for medical researchers and clinicians as well as medical professionals, healthcare organizations, and patients who seek objective and clinical information on personalized medicine in order to deepen understanding of these approaches and accelerate their research and clinical practice.
Personalized Medicine Universe is owned by the International Society of Personalized Medicine aiming for the integration of person-oriented diagnosis on the basis of biotechnology and evidence-based treatment.


Editor-in-Chief H. Abe Tokyo, Japan, Associate Editors S. Akiyama Tokyo, Japan, N.-C. Chang Taipei, Taiwan, H. Hisamitsu Tokyo, Japan, S. Kamohara Tokyo, Japan, H. Nimura Tokyo, Japan, M. Tei Tokyo, Japan, A. Yanagisawa Tokyo, Japan, Editorial Board M. Abe New York, USA, A. Al-Turkait Abdullah Al-Salem, Kuwait, A. Amano Tokyo, Japan, H.G. Austin Corona Del Mar, USA, M. Azuma Tokyo, Japan, C. Becker Kyoto, Japan, E. Biatek Warsaw, Poland, M. Bin Ali Hong Kong, China, M. Bonucci Rome, Ital y, Q. Chen Kansas City, USA, Y.-K. Choi Seoul, Korea, F. Firenzuoli Florence, Italy, H. Fujinuma Tochigi, Japan, Y. Fukuzawa Aichi, Japan, T.V. Golashvili Moscow, Russia, J.S. Gonnella Philadelphia, USA, A. Hamura Tokyo, Japan, M.v.d. Heijden Amsterdam, The Netherlands, T. Hirose New York, USA, J. Hosokawa Tokyo, Japan, A. Inui Kagoshima, Japan, Y. Ito Tokyo, Japan, K. Kaketani Tokyo, Japan, T. Kakizoe Tokyo, Japan, H. Kline San Francisco, USA, H. Kobayashi Tokyo, Japan, K. Kodama Hyogo, Japan, A. Kubo Tokyo, Japan, S. Kudo Kanagawa, Japan, J. Kushner Annapolis, USA, B. Laursen Aalborg, Denmark, I.L.M. Lesser Berkeley, USA, P. Leung Hong Kong, China, J. Machi Honolulu, USA, M. Matsuda Tokyo, Japan, K. Matsumoto Tokyo, Japan, O. Mizukami Tokyo, Japan, Y. Mori Tokyo, Japan, T. Moritani Kyoto, Japan, K. Ohsaki Okayama, Japan, K. Okumura Tokyo, Japan, H. Orimo Tokyo, Japan, T. Oshiro Tokyo, Japan, S. Saito Tokyo, Japan, M. Sakuta Tokyo, Japan, J.P. Salerno New York, USA, K. Sato Gunma, Japan, M. Sawanobori Tokyo, Japan, M.B. Schachter New York, USA, N. Shimura Tokyo, Japan, H. Sugimura Shizuoka, Japan, K. Takahara Tokyo, Japan, Y. Takeuchi Tokyo, Japan, M. Tan Iwate, Japan, Y. Tan Singapore, I. Tengan Okinawa, Japan, K. Tominaga Fukushima, Japan, A.P. Visser Rotterdam, The Netherlands, H. Wago Saitama, Japan, K. Watanabe Chiba, Japan, A. Yamashina Tokyo, Japan, K. Yazawa Tokyo, Japan, T. Yoshikawa Kyoto, Japan, Y. Yumori Shiga, Japan, B. Zhang Harbin, China
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