Fungal Biology

Fungal Biology

Published by Elsevier on behalf of The British Mycological Society





Senior Editors::S.V. Avery





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Aims & Scope

Fungal Biology is the international research journal of the British Mycological Society. Fungal Biology publishes original contributions in all fields of basic and applied research involving fungi and fungus-lke organisms (including filamentous fungi, yeasts, lichen fungi, oomycetes, and slime moulds). These fields include biochemistry, biodeterioration, biotechnology, cell biology, developmental biology, disease control, ecology, environment, evolution, fungal physiology, genetics, genomics, geomycology, insect pathology, medical mycology, molecular genetics, mutualistic interactions, physiology, plant pathology, secondary metabolites, taxonomy and systematics, and techniques. Priority is given to contributions likely to be of interest to a wide international audience.


Mycologists, Microbiologists, Plant Scientists, Biotechnologists.

Senior Editors: G.M. Gadd Dundee, UK, G.S. May Houston, TX, USA, N.P. Money Oxford, OH, USA, J.W. Spatafora Corvallis, OR, USA, Editors: S. Avery Nottingham, UK, S. Bates Exeter, England, UK, G.W. Beakes Newcastle Upon Tyne, England, UK, M. Bidartondo London, England, UK, T. Boekhout Utrecht, Netherlands, P. Bonfante Torino, Italy, J. Dighton New Lisbon, NJ, USA, D. Eastwood Warwick, Coventry, England, UK, M. Fisher London, England, UK, D. Gleeson Crawley, WA, Australia, M. Grube Graz, Austria, R.E. Halling Bronx, NY, USA, S. Harris Lincoln, NE, USA, K. Hosaka Tsukuba, Ibaraki, Japan, R.A. Humber Ithaca, NY, USA, K.D. Hyde Chiang Mai, Thailand, N. Kennedy Carlow, Ireland, J.F. Leslie Manhattan, KS, USA, M. Lorenz Houston, TX, USA, H.T. Lumbsch Chicago, IL, USA, A. Miller Champaign, IL, USA, D.T. Mitchell Dublin, Ireland, K. O Donnell Peoria, IL, USA, S.W. Peterson Peoria, IL, USA, M. Ramsdale Aberdeen, UK, M. Riquelme Ensenada, Baja California Mexico, A. Rosling Uppsala, Sweden, C. Schoch , B. Schulz Braunschweig, Germany, M. Stadler Braunschweig, Germany, G. Steinberg Exeter, UK, K. Sterflinger Vienna, Austria, P. van West Aberdeen, UK, H. Voglmayr Wien, Austria, H Wallander Lund, Sweden, B. Wingfield Pretoria, South Africa
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