Orthopaedics and Trauma



Editor-in-Chief:David L Limb BSc FRCS Ed (Orth)





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Aims & Scope

Orthopaedics and Trauma presents a unique collection of International review articles summarizing the current state of knowledge in orthopaedics. Each issue begins with a focus on a specific area of the orthopaedic knowledge syllabus, covering several related topics in a mini-symposium; other articles complement this to ensure that the breadth of orthopaedic learning is supplemented in a 4 year cycle.


Editor-in-Chief D Limb BSc FRCS Ed (Orth) Leeds General Infirmary, UK, Editorial Committee M.A. Farquharson-Roberts Gosport, UK, I Leslie Bristol, UK, M Macnicol Edinburgh, UK, I McDermott Ruislip, UK, J Rankine Leeds, UK, Editorial Advisory Board DC Davidson Australia, J Harris Australia, G.R. Velloso Brazil, P.N. Soucacos Greece, A.K. Mukherjee India, A Kusakabe Japan, M-S Moon Korea, R Castelein The Netherlands, R K Marti The Netherlands, G Hooper New Zealand, A Thurston New Zealand, L de Almeida Portugal, E G Pasion Phillippines, G.P. Songcharoen Thailand, R.W. Bucholz USA, R.W. Gaines USA, S L Weinstein USA, M Bumbasirevic former Yugoslavia
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