Diagnostic Histopathology

Diagnostic Histopathology



Editor-in-Chief::Adrian Bateman, BSc, MD, FRCPath





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Aims & Scope

This monthly review journal aims to provide the practising diagnostic pathologist and trainee pathologist with up-to-date reviews on histopathology and cytology and related technical advances.

Each issue contains invited articles on a variety of topics from experts in the field and includes a mini-symposium exploring one subject in greater depth. Articles consist of system-based, disease-based reviews and illustrated case reports. They update the readers on day-to-day diagnostic work and keep them informed of important new developments. The journal aims to cover the main breadth of histopathology in a three year cycle.

Both the contributors and readership are seen as being International. The trend toward continuing education/accreditation has a strong influence in the shaping of the journal's content and is reflected in the inclusion of a self-assessment section.


Editor-in-Chief: Runjan Chetty, MB ChB, FFPath, FRCPA, FCAP, FRCPath, DPhil Professor of Pathology, University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada
Consultant in GI and Pancreatic Pathology, Director of External Partnerships/Deputy Medical Director, University Health Network, Laboratory Medicine Program, Toronto, Canada , Founding Editor: Kristen Henry Professor, London, UK, Consultant Editor: Sir Roderick N M MacSween Professor, Glasgow, UK, Editorial Committee: Adrian Bateman, BSc, MD, FRCPath Consultant Histopathologist, University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust, Southampton, UK, Fiona Campbell, BSc MD FRCPath Honorary Professor, University of Liverpool, Livepool, UK
Consultant Gastrointestinal Pathologist, Royal Liverpool University Hospital, Liverpool, UK, Kum Cooper, MBChB, DPhil, FRCPath Surgical Pathologist, University of Vermont, Vermont, USA, Vikram Deshpande, MD Associate Pathologist, Massachusetts General Hospital, USA
Associate Professor of Pathology, Harvard Medical School, USA, Andrew Evans, MD, PhD, FRCPC Associate Professor of Pathology, University of Toronto, Consultant in Urological Pathology, University Health Network, Toronto, Canada, Elizabeth Montgomery, MD Professor of Pathology, Oncology and Orthopedic Surgery, Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions, Baltimore, USA, Bayardo Perez-Ordonez, MD, FRCPC Staff Pathologist, University Health Network, Toronto, Canada, Ketan Shah, FRCPath Consultant Pathologist, John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford, UK, International Advisory Board: D Anagnostou-Keramidas Athens, Greece, J Chan Hong Kong, Y Dajani Amman, Jordon, C De Wolfe-Peeters Leuven, Belgium, I Ellis Nottingham, UK, C Fletcher Boston, USA, N Francis London, UK, N L Harris Boston, UK, J Johannessen Oslo, Norway, M Leader Dublin, Ireland, A Llombart-Bosch Valencia, Spain, A Malcolm Shrewsbury, UK, H K Muller-Hermelink Wurzburg, Germany, B Nathwani Los Angeles, USA, G Orchard London, UK, M Sobrinho Simoes Porto, Portugal, S Ushigome Toyko, Japan, L Vass Kistarcsa, Hungary, D Weedon Queensland, Australia, R Weller Southampton, UK, K P West Leicester, UK, D G D Wright Cambridge, UK, J Yan van den Tweel Utrecht, Netherlands, R Young Boston, UK
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