Education for Chemical Engineers

Education for Chemical Engineers

Publication of the Institution of Chemical Engineers



Editor in Chief:J. Glassey





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Aims & Scope

Education for Chemical Engineers was launched in 2006 with a remit to publisheducation research papers, resource reviews and teaching and learning notes. ECE is targeted at chemical engineering academics and educators, discussing the ongoingchanges and development in chemical engineering education.

This international title publishes papers from around the world, creating a global network of chemical engineering academics. Papers demonstrating how educational research results can be applied to chemical engineering education are particularly welcome, as are the accounts of research work that brings new perspectives to established principles, highlighting unsolved problems or indicating direction for future research.

Core topic areas:

  1. Assessment
  2. Accreditation
  3. Curriculum development and transformation
  4. Design
  5. Diversity
  6. Distance education
  7. E-learning
  8. Entrepreneurship programs
  9. Industry-academic linkages
  10. Benchmarking
  11. Lifelong learning
  12. Multidisciplinary programs
  13. Outreach from kindergarten to high school programs
  14. Student recruitment and retention and transition programs
  15. New technology
  16. Problem-based learning
  17. Social responsibility and professionalism
  18. Teamwork
  19. Web-based learning


Abstracting and Indexing

EBSCOhost, Gale Database of Publications & Broadcast Media, Scopus
Editor-in-Chief: David Shallcross University of Melbourne, Australia, Editorial Consultants: John Perkins (Honorary Editor) Department for Business, Innovation and Skill (BIS), Her Majesty's Government, UK, Stephen Richardson (Executive Editor) Imperial College London, UK, Editorial Board: Marc Assael Aristotle University, Greece, Ian Cameron The University of Queensland, Australia, John Chen The University of Auckland, New Zealand, Duncan Fraser University of Cape Town, South Africa, Manfred Hampe Technische Universitaet Darmstadt, Germany, Redhouane Henda Laurentian University, Canada, Robert Hesketh Rowan University, USA, Bogdana Koumanova University of Chemical Technology and Metallurgy, Bulgaria, Fernão D. Magalhães University of Porto, Portugal, Martin Molzahn Germany, K.D.P. Nigam Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, India, Martin Pitt University of Sheffield, UK, Ryszard Pohorecki Warsaw University of Technology, Poland, Richard Smith Tohoku University, Japan, Ilkka Turunen Lappeenranta University of Technology, Finland, Per Warfvinge Lund University, Sweden
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