Digestive and Liver Disease





Editor-in-Chief:Roberto de Franchis





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Aims & Scope

Digestive and Liver Disease is an international journal of Gastroenterology and Hepatology. It is the official journal of Italian Association for the Study of the Liver (AISF); Italian Association for the Study of the Pancreas (AISP); Italian Association for Digestive Endoscopy (SIED); Italian Society of Gastroenterology (SIGE); Italian Society of Pediatric Gastroenterology and Hepatology (SIGENP); Italian Group for the Study of Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IG-IBD); Israeli Society of Gastroenterology (ISG) and Fédération Francophone de Cancérologie Digestive (FFCD).

Digestive and Liver Disease publishes papers on basic and clinical research in the field of gastroenterology and hepatology.

Contributions consist of:

  • Original Papers
  • Short Reports
  • Correspondence to the Editor
  • Editorials, Reviews and Special Articles
  • Progress Reports
  • Image of the Month
  • Congress Proceedings
  • Symposia and Mini-symposia

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Hepatologists, Gastroenterologists, Specialists in Internal Medicine

Abstracting and Indexing

Biosis Previews, Cancerlit, Current Contents Search, EMBASE, Inside Conferences, MEDLINE®, SIIC Data Bases, Scopus, Social SciSearch, TOXFILE
Editor-in-Chief: M. Angelico Rome, Italy, Associate Editors: G. Alpini Temple, USA, T. Aparicio Bobigny, France, E. Buscarini Crema, Italy, S. Cucchiara Rome, taly, J. Dumortier Lyon, France, M. Falconi Verona, Italy, C. Lepage Bourgogne, France, L. Peyrin-Biroulet Vandoeuvre-les-Nancy, France, M. Puoti Brescia, Italy, M. Raimondo Jacksonville, USA, P. Testoni Milan, Italy, Assistant Editors: F. Caprioli Milan, Italy, G. Capurso Rome, Italy, S. Dharancy Lille, France, X. Dray Paris, France, S. Ginanni Corradini Rome, Italy, A. Larghi Rome, Italy, I. Lenci Rome, Italy, T. Matysiak-Budnik Nantes, France, A. Zullo Rome, Italy, Statistical Consultant A. Nardi Rome, Italy, Managing Editor: P. Piccolo Rome, Italy, Editorial Assistant: S. Rotunno Rome, Italy, Editor Emeritus: G. Bianchi-Porro Milan, Italy, Editorial Board: D. Alvaro Rome, Italy, A. Andriulli Foggia, Italy, P. Angeli Padua, Italy, P. Arcidiacono Milan, Italy, A.F. Attili Rome, Italy, G. Bassotti Perugia, Italy, L. Beaugerie Paris, France, R. Benamouzig Bobigny, France, A. Benedetti Ancona, Italy, M. Benninga Amsterdam, The Netherlands, M. Berenguer Valencia, Spain, R. Bogorad Cambridge, U.S.A., J. Bosch Barcelona, Spain, J-P. Bronowicki Vandoeuvre-les-Nancy, france, W. Brugge Boston, USA, M Brunetto Pisa, Italy, E. Bugianesi Turin, Italy, N. Caporaso Naples, Italy, S. Cascinu Ancona, Italy, C. Catassi Ancona, Italy, A. Chak Cleveland, USA, U. Cillo Padua, Italy, L. Cipolletta Naples, Italy, D. Conte Milan, Italy, G.R. Corazza Pavia, Italy, E. Corazziari Rome, Italy, A. Craxi Palermo, Italy, G. D'Amico Palermo, Italy, R. De. Franchis Milan, Italy, G. Delle Fave Rome, Italy, A. Demetris Pittsburgh, USA, S. DeMorrow Temple, USA, P. Ducrotte Rouen, France, A. Dutta Dallas, U.S.A., S. Fagiuoli Bergamo, Italy, L. Familiari Messina, Italy, M. Fantini Rome, Italy, F. Farinati Padua, Italy, P. Ferenci Vienna, Austria, M.P. Fisichella Chicago, U.S.A., H. Francis Temple, U.S.A., M. Fraquelli Milan, Italy, D. Freshwater Birminham, UK, G.B. Gaeta Naples, Italy, A. Gasbarrini Rome, Italy, E. Gaudio Rome, Italy, S. Glaser Temple, USA, P. Invernizzi Milan, Italy, R. Jensen Baltimore, USA, M. Kahaleh Charlottesville, USA, D. Laharie Pessac, France, R. Laugier Marseille, France, G. Maconi Milan, Italy, G. Marchesini Reggiani Bologna, Italy, R. Marmo Salerno, Italy, M. Marzioni Ancona, Italy, G. Minoli Como, Italy, M. Mutignani Rome, Italy, D. Mutimer Birmingham, UK, M.E. Numans Utrecht, Netherlands, L. Pagliaro Rome, Italy, L. Palazzo Paris, France, F. Pallone Rome, Italy, J-M. Phelip Saint-Etienne, France, A. Pinna Bologna, Italy, A. Repici Milan, Italy, O. Riggio Rome, Italy, M. Rizzetto Turin, Italy, P. Rougier Boulogne, France, M. Rugge Padua, Italy, T. Sauerbruch Bonn, Germany, J-C. Saurin Benite, France, V. Savarino Genoa, Italy, P. Siersema Utrecht, The Netherlands, L. Siproudhis Rennes, France, E. Sokal Brussels, Belgium, A. Staiano Naples, Italy, M. Strazzabosco New Haven, USA, G.C. Sturniolo Padua, Italy, G. Svegliati-Baroni Ancona, Italy, G. Tisone Rome, Italy, M. Trauner Graz, Austria, V. Villanacci Brescia, Italy, A. Zambelli Crema, Italy, F. Zerbib Bordeaux, France
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