Hong Kong Journal of Nephrology

Hong Kong Journal of Nephrology

Official publication of the Hong Kong Society of Nephrology



Editor-in-Chief:Cheuk-Chun Szeto





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Aims & Scope

The Hong Kong Journal of Nephrology (HKJN) is the official peer-reviewed journal of the Hong Kong Society of Nephrology. It is published twice a year, in April and October, by Elsevier.

The missions of the Journal are to:

  • promote clinical and scientific research in the field of nephrology;
  • serve as a communication channel among nephrologists in Hong Kong, China and the Asia-Pacific region;
  • act as a source of teaching material in the field of nephrology for nephrologists and renal nurses;
  • record historical milestones in the field of nephrology in Hong Kong;
  • promote the activities of the Hong Kong Society of Nephrology;
  • provide a platform for opinions on major issues for nephrologists in Hong Kong and Southeast Asia.

The HKJN publishes:

  • Editorials: invited articles or comments on a specific paper in the Journal or a topical issue in the field.
  • Review Articles: systematic, critical assessments of literature and data sources providing a balanced overview, or short and focused discussions of an important and topical subject related to nephrology.
  • Original Articles: clinical or laboratory studies in nephrology, including, but not limited to, the pathogenesis and treatment of kidney disease, hypertension, acid-base and electrolyte disorders, dialysis, urological diseases, and kidney transplantation.
  • Short Communications: research papers that describe preliminary but novel research findings that are not sufficiently substantial for an Original Article.
  • Case Reports: interesting cases that highlight uncommon diseases, novel presentations, or cutting-edge therapeutic strategies.

Indexed in: CAB Abstracts, Embase, ScienceDirect, Scopus, SIIC Data Bases


Abstracting and Indexing

CAB Abstracts, EMBASE, Scopus
Editor-in-Chief: Cheuk-Chun Szeto , Deputy Editor: Sydney C.W. Tang , Associate Editors: John Y.H. Chan , Yuk-Lun Cheng , Man-Fai Lam , Siu-Ka Mak , Emeritus Editorial Board: Philip KT Li Founding Editor, Alex W.Y. Yu Emeritus Editor-in-Chief, Felix F.K. Li , Sing-Leung Lui , Ernest W.K. Tsang , Francis K.M. Wong , Local Advisers: Man-Kam Chan , Tak-Mao Chan , Yau-Tung Chan , Ka-Foon Chau , Ignatius K.P. Cheng , Wai-Lun Cheung , John Fenn , Kar-Neng Lai , Hui-Yao Lan , Che-Hung Leong , Chun-Sang Li , Wai-Kei Lo , Siu-Fai Lui , Matthew K.L. Tong , Michael Tsang , Richard Yu , International Advisors: Robert C Atkins Australia, Laurence Chan USA, James CM Chan USA, Jeremy Chapman Australia, Alfred K Cheung USA, David N Churchill Canada, Anthony R Clarkson Australia, John Feehally UK, Phil Halloran Canada, Chiu-Ching Huang Taiwan, Todd S Ing USA, Carl Kjellstrand USA, Raymond T Krediet The Netherlands, Neil A Kurtzman USA, David BN Lee USA, Hi Bahl Lee Korea, Shanyan Lin China, Peter Mathieson UK, Karl D Nolph USA, Sarah Prichard USA, Jia-Qi Qian China, Andrew J Rees UK, Yasuhiko Tomino Japan, Hai-Yan Wang China, John Williams UK, Wu-Chang Yang Taiwan
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