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Aims & Scope

The Journal of Biomedical Informatics (formerly Computers and Biomedical Research) has been designed to reflect a commitment to high-quality original research papers, reviews, and commentaries in the area of biomedical informatics. Although we publish articles motivated by applications in the biomedical sciences (for example, clinical medicine, health care, population health, imaging, and translational bioinformatics), the journal emphasizes reports of new methodologies and techniques that have general applicability and that form the basis for the evolving science of biomedical informatics. Articles on medical devices; evaluations of implemented systems (including clinical trials of information technologies); or papers that provide insight into a biological process, a specific disease, or treatment options would generally be more suitable for publication in other venues. Papers on applications of signal processing and image analysis are often more suitable for biomedical engineering journals, although we do publish papers that emphasize the information management and knowledge representation/modeling issues that arise in the storage and use of biological signals and images. System descriptions are welcome if they illustrate and substantiate the underlying methodology that is the principal focus of the report and an effort is made to address the generalizability and/or range of application of that methodology.

The methods that are the focus of JBI papers may be drawn from any of a number of component sciences in the field of biomedical informatics. Although the methods are often related to the field of computer science, many JBI papers will emphasize innovative techniques from other fields, such as decision science, statistics, cognitive science, psychology, information science, or management science.

Papers are generally of three types:

  1. Regular research papers: Presentation and discussion of a biomedically or clinically motivated system or approach that has required the creation of innovative methods rather than the application of established techniques.
  2. Methodological review papers: Reviews of a methodological approach that summarize its introduction, use, successes, and limitations. Such reviews will also often propose future research directions or critique a method and discuss the range of problems for which it may not be an appropriate solution.
  3. Commentaries: These are shorter articles that tend to discuss previously published articles or a theme that is an important area of focus for the methodological basis of biomedical informatics research and applications. Commentaries are often invited, but may be submitted by anyone after a discussion with the editors. If submission of a commentary is being considered, please submit a brief proposal to jbi@elsevier.com beforehand.

When an author is submitting a manuscript in response to a call for papers for a special thematic issue, the submission category should be the special issue title but the cover letter should indicate whether the article is a methodological review, a regular paper, or a commentary. JBI also publishes editorials and invited book reviews.


The Journal of Biomedical Informatics (JBI), first published by Academic Press in 1968 under the title Computers and Biomedical Research (CBR), was redesigned and renamed beginning with Volume 34 in 2001. Building on a strong 33-year history since CBR premiered in 1968, we made a number of changes to update and reorient the journal in light of the evolution of the field, while simultaneously seeking to fill a niche not clearly identified as a central focus by the other journals that publish papers in biomedical informatics research. We stated that goal as follows in our inaugural editorial:

"It is increasingly difficult to publish articles that will have broad appeal to a diverse readership. We have accordingly decided that it is important to introduce a tighter focus to the journal in the years ahead, and it is with this in mind that we have renamed the journal to reflect a more modern and narrow emphasis. The Journal of Biomedical Informatics (JBI) is intended to complement rather than to compete with the other major journals in biomedical informatics. In particular, we wish to emphasize papers the elucidate methodologies that generalize across biomedical domains and that help to form the scientific basis for the field. Papers will tend to be concerned with information technology rather than medical devices, and on underlying methods rather than system descriptions or summative evaluations. You should expect this journal to be an excellent source of new ideas about how to tackle difficult problems that arise in the development of computational solutions to problems in the biomedical sciences and clinical pra


Biomedical informaticists, Health informaticists

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Editor-in-Chief: E.H. Shortliffe American Medical Informatics Association, Bethesda, MD, USA, Associate Editors: A. Abu-Hanna Universiteit van Amsterdam, Academisch Medisch Centrum (AMC), Amsterdam, Netherlands, J.J. Cimino National Institutes of Health (NIH), Bethesda, MD, USA, R.A. Greenes Arizona State University, Phoenix, AZ, USA, L. Hunter University of Colorado School of Medicine, Aurora, CO, USA, V.L. Patel University of Texas at Houston Health Sciences Center, Houston, TX, USA, P. Tarczy-Hornoch University of Washington, Seattle, WA, USA, W.A. Yasnoff NHII Advisors, Arlington, VA, USA, Editors Emeriti: T.A. Pryor , H.R. Warner , Editorial Board: R. Altman Stanford, CA, USA, D. Aronsky Nashville, TN, USA, S. Bakken New York, NY, USA, R. Bellazzi Pavia, Italy, J. Brinkley Seattle, WA, USA, D. Buckeridge Québec, QC, Canada, A.J. Butte Stanford, CA, USA, A. Califano New York, NY, USA, W. Chapman Pittsburgh, PA, USA, K. Cheung New Haven, CT, USA, C. Chute Rochester, MN, USA, G. Cooper Pittsburgh, PA, USA, C. Friedman New York, NY, USA, J.H. Holmes Philadelphia, PA, USA, S.B. Johnson New York, NY, USA, M. Kann Baltimore, MD, USA, M. Kimura Hamamatsu, Shizuoka, Japan, R. Kukafka New York, NY, USA, M. La Venture St. Paul, MN, USA, C. Langlotz Moorestown, NJ, USA, H. Lehman Baltimore, MD, USA, L. Lenert La Jolla, CA, USA, T.Y. Leong Singapore, Singapore, J. Li Taipei, Taiwan, ROC, H. Liu Washington, DC, USA, Y. Lussier New York, NY, USA, H. Marin Sao Paulo, Brazil, P. Payne Columbus, OH, USA, N. Peek Amsterdam, Netherlands, Y. Perl Newark, NJ, USA, A. Rector Manchester, UK, A. Rzhetsky New York, NY, USA, I.N. Sarkar Burlington, VT, USA, M.M. Shabot Los Angeles, CA, USA, Y. Shahar Beer-Sheva, Israel, I. Sim San Francisco, CA, USA, D. Slonim Medford, MA, USA, B. Smith Buffalo, NY, USA, O. Troyanskaya Princeton, NJ, USA, L.-P. Wei Beijing, China, C. Weng New York, NY, USA, Q. Zeng Boston, MA, USA
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