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Aims & Scope

The Lancet Neurology is recognized for providing a global, authoritative, and independent forum for the highest quality clinical neurology research, reviews, and news covering all areas of global clinical neurology with a particular focus in the research and treatment of stroke, multiple sclerosis, movement disorders, epilepsy, dementia, and headache.

The Lancet Neurology publishes original research, reviews, personal views, commentaries, and news across the global field of clinical neurology. The journal is stringently edited and peer-reviewed to ensure the scientific merit and clinical relevance of its diverse content. All original research is fast-tracked to publication within 8 weeks of submission and published first online on before the print issue.

With an impact factor of 23.917*, the journal ranks highest among the world's leading clinical neurology journals and has maintained this leading position in the Journal Citation Reports® since 2004.

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* 2012 Journal Citation Reports, Thomson Reuters© 2013.


Clinicians and researchers, world-wide, in all areas of clinical neurology.

Editor: Helen Frankish , Deputy Editor: Elena Becker-Barroso , Senior Editors: Heather Brown , Alison Rowan , Senior Assistant Editor: Lucy Tipton , Assistant Editor: Jessica Knights , Web Editors: Richard Lane , Erika Niesner , Assistant Web Editor: Nicolai Humphreys , Publisher/Editorial Director: Richard Horton , Editorial Board: Sam Berkovic Australia, Marie-Germaine Bousser France, Paolo Calabresi Italy, Ariel Deutch USA, Hans-Christoph Diener Germany, David Dodick USA, Geoffrey Donnan Australia, Massimo Filippi Italy, Jacqueline French USA, Giovanni Frisoni Italy, Philip Gorelick USA, Francesc Graus Spain, Vladimir Hachinski Canada, Andrew Maas Belgium, Robert Miller USA, Charles Newton Kenya/UK, Jes Olesen Denmark, Emilio Perucca Italy, Chris Polman Netherlands, Olivier Rascol France, Jonathan Rosand USA, Peter Rothwell UK, Richard Rudick USA, Ley Sander UK, Lon Schneider USA, James Sejvar USA, Andrew Singleton USA, Jon Stoessl Canada, Alan Thompson UK, Steven Warach USA, Gordon Wilcock UK, Max Wiznitzer USA, John Wokke Netherlands, Editorial Consultants: Graeme Hankey Australia, Peter Rudge UK, Editorial Address: THE LANCET NEUROLOGY 32 Jamestown Road, London NW1 7BY, UK
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