Transfusion and Apheresis Science

Transfusion and Apheresis Science

Official Journal of the World Apheresis Association

Turkish Society of Apheresis

European Society for Haemapheresis





Editor-in-Chief:G.A. Rock





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Aims & Scope

Transfusion and Apheresis Science brings comprehensive and up-to-date information to physicians and health care professionals involved in the rapidly changing fields of transfusion medicine and apheresis. The journal presents original articles relating to scientific and clinical studies in the areas of immunohematology, transfusion practice and both therapeutic and donor apheresis. Topics covered include the collection and processing of blood, compatibility testing and guidelines for the use of blood products, as well as screening for and transmission of blood-borne diseases. All areas of apheresis - both therapeutic and collection - are also addressed.

A major feature of the journal is the "Theme" section which includes, in each issue, a group of papers designed to review a specific topic of current importance in transfusion science; basic science, current research and the clinical application of modern therapies are featured. The "Apheresis Listening Post" provides a forum for the discussion of topical issues specific to apheresis and focuses on the operators' viewpoint. Another feature section is "What's Happening" which provides informal reporting of activities in the field. In addition, brief case reports and Letters to the Editor, as well as reviews of meetings and events of general interest, and a listing of recent patents make the journal a complete source of information for practitioners of transfusion and apheresis science. Immediate dissemination of important information is ensured by the commitment of Transfusion and Apheresis Science to rapid publication of both symposia and submitted papers.


Haematologists, immunologists, transfusion and apheresis specialists.

Abstracting and Indexing

BioInfoBank Library, EMBASE, Medline/Index Medicus, PubMed, Science Citation Index, ScienceDirect, Scopus
Editor-in-Chief: G. A. Rock Transfusion and Apheresis Science, #101 - 270 Sandridge Road, Ottawa, ON K1L 5A2, Canada, Senior Editors: H. Klinkmann Rostock, Germany, U. E. Nydegger Bern, Switzerland, F. Scatena Cisanello, Italy, Listening Editor C. Anderson Texas, USA, C. Howell Washington, USA, O. Akerblom Uppsala, Sweden, Editorial Board: T. Akizawa Wakayama, Japan, K. C. Anderson Boston, MA, USA, O. Arslan Ankara, Turkey, A. Brand Leiden, Netherlands, S. Bréchignac Bobigny, France, D. A. Ciavarella Raritan, NJ, USA, J. Dervenoulas Athens, Greece, G. De Silvestro Padova, Italy, M. A. Figueroa Buenos Aires, Argentina, L. Guillevin Bobigny, France, J. P. Hester Houston, TX, USA, P. Hoecker Vienna, Austria, A. Iacone Pescara, Italy, O. IIhan Ankara, Turkey, G. Isacchi Rome, Italy, J. P. Isbister Sydney, NSW, Australia, P. Ivanovich Chicago, IL, USA, P. Jacobs, MD Cape Town, South Africa, A. Kawamura Sapporo, Japan, J. Kjeldsen-Kragh Oslo, Norway, V. Leytin Toronto, Canada, G. Menichella Rome, Italy, R. Moog Essen, Germany, D. Neurath Ottawa, Canada, K.E. Nollet Fukushima, Japan, H. Ohto Fukushima, Japan, T. H. Price Seattle, WA, USA, J. Seghatchian London, UK, J. Semple Toronto, Canada, R. Srivastava Delhi, India, B. Stegmayr Umeà, Sweden, R. G. Strauss Iowa City, IA, USA, D.J. Triulzi Pittsburgh, USA, M. Valbonesi Genova, Italy, R.R. Vassallo Philadelphia, USA, H. Vrielink Amsterdam, The Netherlands, S.J. Wagner Rockville, USA, A. Zanella Milan, Italy
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