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Aims & Scope

Advances in information and communication technologies are associated with a wide and increasing range of social consequences, which are experienced by individuals, work groups, organizations, interorganizational networks, and societies at large. Information technologies are implicated in all industries and in public as well as private enterprises. Understanding the relationships between information technologies and social organization is an increasingly important and urgent social and scholarly concern in many disciplinary fields.

Information and Organization seeks to publish original scholarly articles on the relationships between information technologies and social organization. It seeks a scholarly understanding that is based on empirical research and relevant theory. Information and Organization also seeks to advance established and emerging theoretical arguments through the publication of papers that review empirical research and provide directions for future research and theory development. Essays that provoke critical thinking on important subjects are also sought. The aim is to provide a forum that brings together innovative, reflective, and rigorous scholarship.

Of special interest are contributions on the social construction of information technologies, the implications of information technologies for organizational change, alternative organizational designs such as virtual and networked organizations, information system development, organizational governance and control, accounting systems, globalization, decision processes, organizational learning, ethics of information, organizational communication and organizational culture. A rich variety of disciplines provide valuable perspectives on these topics, and the journal seeks contributions from fields such as information systems, organization science, philosophy, history, psychology, anthropology, political science, sociology, computer science, communication, and others.

Interest is not restricted to any particular technology for processing or transmitting information. Indeed, new technologies emerge continuously, and the journal seeks to provide a useful forum for discussion about emerging technologies and their social and organizational consequences. Interest is also not restricted to any specific theoretical or disciplinary position. The journal invites a broad spectrum of contemporary and historical scholarship, including theoretical, empirical, analytical and interpretive studies, as well as critical theory and action research.

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Accountants, Information Technologists, Management Executives, Students of Accounting Management with particular use of Information Technology.

Abstracting and Indexing

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