Journal of Clinical Virology

Journal of Clinical Virology

The Official journal of the Pan American Society for Clinical Virology and The European Society for Clinical Virology





Editors-in-Chief:C Ginocchio





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Aims & Scope

Journal of Clinical Virology is an international journal publishing papers on any aspect of human virology that directly pertains to virus-induced clinical conditions. Articles from any field of virological study will be considered if the article is relevant to the understanding or manipulation of a disease state.

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All virologists dealing with research into and therapy of human viral disease states

Abstracting and Indexing

Current Contents/Clinical Medicine, EMBASE, Elsevier BIOBASE, MEDLINE®, Scopus, Sociedad Iberoamericana de Informacion Cientifica (SIIC) Data Bases
Editors-in-Chief: C. Ginocchio Chief, Division of Infectious Disease Diagnostics Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine Professor, Hofstra University North Shore-LIJ School of Medicine North Shore-LIJ Health System Laboratories 10 Nevada Drive Lake Success, NY 11042, USA , W.F. Carman Fast Track Diagnostics. Junglinster, Luxembourg, Associate Editor for Internal Audit M. Zuckerman London, UK, Associate Editors: S.M. Alavian Tehran, Iran, J. Albert Stockholm, Sweden, A.M Caliendo Atlanta, USA, E.C.J. Claas Leiden, The Netherlands, P. Dennehy Providence, USA, S. T. Dunn Oklahoma, USA, R Hayden Memphis, USA, H. Hirsch Basel, Switzerland, S. Kamili Atlanta, USA, H.H. Kessler Graz, Austria, M. Koopman Bilthoven, The Netherlands, R.S. Lanciotti Fort Collins, USA, B. Lina Lyon, France, I. Mackay Brisbane, Australia, P. D. Olivo Saint Louis, USA, E. Puchhammer-Stöckl Vienna, Austria, S. Schmid Atlantic, USA, PL Sharma Decatur, GA, USA, K. Shroyer New York, USA, M. Stanley Cambridge, UK, K. Templeton Edinburgh, UK, J. ter Meulen West Point, USA, H. Wedemeyer Hannover, Germany, Editorial Board S. Aberle Vienna, Austria, R. Aggarwal Lucknow, India, C. Aitkin Glasgow, UK, S. Andersson , J. Aslanzadeh Hartford, USA, F. Baldanti Pavia, Italy, H. Balfour Minneapolis, USA, C. Balotta Milan, Italy, M. Bankowski Honolulu, USA, T. Bergstrom Gothenburg, Sweden, B. Bottiger Copenhagen, Denmark, B. Branson Atlanta, USA, D. Carrington Bristol, UK, J. Deak Szeged, Hungary, J. Dillner Malmo, Sweden, H.W. Doerr Frankfurt, Germany, C. Drosten Bonn, Germany, M. Echavarria Buenos Aires, Argentina, V. Emery UK, K. Falk Solna, Sweden, M. Feltkamp Leiden, The Netherland, H. Fernandez Newark, USA, S. Fiscus Chapel Hill, USA, J. Galama Nijmegen, The Netherlands, B. Gartner Homburg, Germany, G. Gerna Pavia, Italy, P. Gobau Brussels, Belgium, V. Goossens Maastricht, The Netherlands, J. Guarner Atlanta, USA, K. Hedman Helsinki, Finland, K. Henrickson Milwaukee, USA, D. Hillyard Utah, USA, R. Hodinka Philadelphia, USA, R. Horvat Kansas City, USA, D. Huang Chicago, USA, P. Hubacek Prague, Czech Republic, J.F. Jones Atlanta, USA, J. Jordan Washington, USA, Y. Khudyakov Atlanta, USA, K. Kibler Tempe, USA, P. Kinchington Pittsburgh, USA, P. Klapper Manchester, UK, A.C.M. Kroes Leiden, The Netherlands, G. Kudesia Sheffield, UK, U. Kumlin Umea, Sweden, M. Landry New Haven, USA, M. Levin Aurora, USA, M. Lewinski Los Angeles, USA, M. Melchers Nijmegen, The Netherlands, E. Mendelson Tel-Hashomer, Israel, J. Middeldorp Amsterdam, The Netherlands, J. Minarovitis Budapest, Hungary, J. Moffat Syracuse, USA, C. Moore Cardiff, UK, C. P. Muller Luxembourg, K. Mutton Manchester, UK, D. Newton Ann Arbor, USA, F. Nolte Charleston, USA, S.A. Nordbo Trondheim, Norway, S. Oberste Atlanta, USA, P.J. Paixao Lisboa, Portugal, M. Pallansch Atlanta, USA, P. Pancholi Columbus, USA, M. Poljak Ljubljana, Slovenia, M. Purdy Atlanta, USA, H.F. Rabenau Frankfurt, Germany, C. Robinson Denver, USA, J. Rossen Tilburg, The Netherlands, P. Rothbarth Leiderdorp, The Netherlands, K. Sagoe Accra, Ghana, R. Sahli Lausanne, Switzerland, M. Salminen Helsinki, Finland, JC. Schmit Strassen, Luxenbourg, L. Shen Baltimore, MD, USA, P. Smith Amsterdam, The Netherlands, E. Smith Iowa City, USA, G. Sourvinos Heraklion-Crete, Greece, S. Specter Tampa, USA, S. Spector San Diego, USA, K. Stellrecht Albany, USA, V. Stepanova Hradec Kralove, Czech Republic, K. St George Slingerlands, USA, E. Swierkosz St Louis, USA, Y. Tang Nashville, USA, G.J. Tsongalis Lebanon, USA, V. Vainiopaa Turku, Finland, P.J. Vallely Manchester, UK, A. Valsamakis Baltimore, USA, B. van den Hoogen Rotterdam, The Netherlands, Y. Wang Atlanta, USA, K. Wolthers Amsterdam, The Netherlands, B. Yen-Lieberman Cleveland, USA, S. Yerly Geneva, Switzerland, G. Yilmaz Istanbul, Turkey, L. Zerboni Stanford, USA, M. Zuckerman London, UK, Ex Officio Society Representatives: Peter Coyle (President ESCV), Bruno Lina (Past President
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