Foot and Ankle Surgery




Editors:Nicola Maffulli





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Aims & Scope

Foot and Ankle Surgery is essential reading for everyone interested in the foot and ankle and its disorders. The approach is broad and includes all aspects of the subject from basic science to clinical management. Problems of both children and adults are included, as is trauma and chronic disease. Foot and Ankle Surgery is the official journal of European Foot and Ankle Society.

Austrian Foot Society, Belgian Society of Medicine and Surgery of the Foot, British Orthopaedic Foot & Ankle Society, Czech Society for Foot and Ankle Surgery, Danish Foot and Ankle Society, Dutch Orthopaedic Foot and Ankle Association, Finnish Foot and Ankle Society, French Society of Medicine and Surgery of the Foot, German Orthopaedic Foot and Ankle Society, Hellenic Foot and Ankle Society, Irish Orthopaedic Foot & Ankle Society, Italian Foot & Ankle Society, Lithuanian Foot and Ankle Society, Polish Foot and Ankle Society, Portugese Society of Medicine and Surgery of the Foot, Spanish Society of Medicine and Surgery of the Foot and Ankle, Swedish Foot and Ankle Society, Swiss Foot and Ankle Society and the Turkish Foot and Ankle Surgery.

The aims of this journal are to promote the art and science of ankle and foot surgery, to publish peer-reviewed research articles, to provide regular reviews by acknowledged experts on common problems, and to provide a forum for discussion with letters to the Editors. Reviews of books are also published. Papers are invited for possible publication in Foot and Ankle Surgery on the understanding that the material has not been published elsewhere or accepted for publication in another journal and does not infringe prior copyright.

The papers published in Foot and Ankle Surgery are indexed/abstracted in: the Allied and Complementary Medicine Database, EMBASE, EMCARE, Pascal, Scopus, MEDLINE and Mosby's Nursing Index.


Editors Sandro Giannini Bologna, Italy, Nicola Maffulli London, UK, Martinus Richter Schwarzenbruck, Germany, Michael M. Stephens Dublin, Ireland, Review Editor Ian Winson , Founding Editor Leslie Klenerman Llangollen, United Kingdom, Emeritus Editor Tom W. Smith Sheffield, UK, EFAS President Jan-Willem K. Louwerens , St. Maartenskliniek, Nijmegen, The Netherlands, EFAS Vice President Antonio Viladot Voegeli, Barcelona, Spain, Review Board R.J. Abboud Dundee, UK, P.-H. Agren Stockholm, Sweden, F. Alvarez Goenaga Barcelona, Spain, P. Barouk France, G. Bauer Stuttgart, Germany, F. Ceccarelli Parma, Italy, S. Cigni Varzi, Italy, A. Cracchiolo IIILos Angeles, CA, USA, M. Delmi Geneva, Switzerland, L. de Palma Ancona, Italy, G. Dereymaeker Pellenberg, Belgium, B. Devos Bevernage Brussels, Belgium, C.W. DiGiovanni Providence, RI, USA, E. Dounis Athens, Greece, M.E. Easley Durham, NC, USA, M. Flowers Sheffield, P. Gibbons Sydney, Australia, L. Grujic Chatswood, Australia, S. Haddad Chicago, USA, R. Harstall Solothurn, Sweden, A. Henricson Falun, Sweden, T. Henry Bretsby, UK, B. Hintermann Basel, Switzerland, S. Inokuchi Tokyo, Japan, A. Isidro Barcelona, Spain, S. Kearns Ireland, K. Klaue Switzerland, H. Kofoed Charlottenlund, Denmark, R. Krauspe Düsseldorf, Germany, P. Laing Clywd, UK, M. Libotte Brussels, Belgium, L.F. Llanos Alcazar Madrid, Spain, J.W.K. Louwerens Nijmegen, The Netherlands, A. Macklin Vadell Buenos Aires, Argentina, B. Magnan Verona, Italy, A. Manoli Pontiac, MI, USA, L. Milano Torino, Italy, T. Mittlmeier Berlin, Germany, G. Pisani Torino, Italy, S. Platt Liverpool, UK, J.L. Plewes Worcestershire, UK, S. Resch Lund, Sweden, M. Rudert Wurzburg, Germany, R. Russell London, UK, O. Salomão Sao Paulo, Brazil, M. Solan Surrey, UK, Y. Suda Tokyo, Japan, E. Tablante Phillipines, H. Thermann Hannover, Germany, M. Tomlinson New Zealand, E. Trepman Mercer Island, WA, USA, A. Viladot Voegli, Spain, R. Viladot Perice Barcelona, Spain, J. Weidow Stockholm, Sweden, I. Winson Bristol, UK, H. Zwipp Dresden, Germany
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