Fungal Genetics and Biology

Fungal Genetics and Biology





Editor-in-Chief::Nancy Keller





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Aims & Scope

Fungal Genetics and Biology, formerly known as Experimental Mycology, publishes experimental investigations of fungi and their traditional allies that relate structure and function to growth, reproduction, morphogenesis, and differentiation. This journal especially welcomes studies of gene organization and expression and of developmental processes at the cellular, subcellular, and molecular levels. The journal also includes suitable experimental inquiries into fungal cytology, biochemistry, physiology, genetics, and phylogeny.

Fungal Genetics and Biology publishes basic research conducted by mycologists, cell biologists, biochemists, geneticists, and molecular biologists.

Research Areas include:

Developmental biology
Evolutionary biology
Molecular biology

Please note: the Journal does not accept manuscripts based solely on microarrays, or manuscripts based solely on in silico analyses of EST libraries, subtraction hybridization libraries etc. which are not supported by additional functional biology experiments, unless they can demonstrate findings of outstanding novelty and importance.

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Mycologists, microbiologists, plant scientists, biotechnologists

Abstracting and Indexing

Editor-in-Chief: N. Keller Madison, WI, USA, Review Editor: Deborah Bell-Pederson College Station, TX, USA, Video Editor: G. Steinberg University of Exeter, Exeter, UK, Associate Editors: R.M. Berka Davis, CA, USA, G. Braus Göttingen, Germany, D. Canovas Sevilla, Spain, L.E. Cowen Toronto, ON, Canada, P.J.G.M. de Wit Wageningen, Netherlands, A. Di Pietro Córdoba, Spain, N. Fedorova Abrams Rockville, MD, USA, M. Fisher London, England, UK, G.M. Gauthier Madison, WI, USA, A. Gladfelter Hanover, NH, USA, G.H. Goldman Sao Paulo, Brazil, J. Heitman Durham, NC, USA, R.J. Howard Wilmington, USA, L.M. Kohn Mississauga, ON, Canada, U. Kües Göttingen, Germany, Chr. Lawrence Blacksburg, VA, USA, Y. Liu Dallas, TX, USA, L. Lu Nanjing, China, F. Martin Champenoux, France, G.S. May Houston, TX, USA, P.K. Mukherjee Nagpur, India, N.I. Naqvi Singapore, Singapore, M. Sachs College Station, TX, USA, V. Seidl-Seiboth Vienna, Austria, Y. Takano Kyoto, Japan, N. Takeshita Karlsruhe, Germany, J. Taylor Berkeley, CA, USA, P. Tudzynski Münster, Germany, A. Tunlid Lund, Sweden, B.G. Turgeon Ithaca, NY, USA, B. Tyler Blacksburg, VA, USA, L.J. Vaillancourt Lexington, KY, USA, H. Wilkinson College Station, TX, USA, R.A. Wilson Lincoln, NE, USA, T.J. Wolpert Corvallis, OR, USA, J. Wortman Cambridge, MA, USA
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