Annals of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology

Annals of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology

Official Journal of the American College of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology





Editor-in-Chief:Gailen D. Marshall, Jr.





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Aims & Scope

Annals of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology is a scholarly medical journal published monthly by the American College of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology. The purpose of Annals is to serve as an objective evidence-based forum for the allergy/immunology specialist to keep up to date on current clinical science (both research and practice-based) in the fields of allergy, asthma, and immunology. The emphasis of the journal will be to provide clinical and research information that is readily applicable to both the clinician and the researcher. Each issue of the Annals shall also provide opportunities to participate in accredited continuing medical education activities to enhance overall clinical proficiency.

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Editor-in-Chief: Gailen D. Marshall, MD, PhD, FACP, FACAAI Jackson, MS, Deputy Editor: Mitchell H. Grayson, MD Milwaukee, WI, Managing Editor: Kimberly K. Stamper, PMP Jackson, MS, Associate Editors: Leonard Bielory, MD Springfield, NJ, G. Walter Canonica, MD Genoa, Italy, Fred Hsieh, MD Cleveland, OH, William D. Johnson, PhD Biostatistics Editor, Jackson, MS, John J. Oppenheimer, MD Clinical Feature Editor, Denville, NJ, Michael S. Tankersley, MD CME Series Editor, San Antonio, TX, Stephen A. Tilles, MD Redmond, WA, Richard W. Weber, MD Special Series Editor, Denver, CO, Editorial Board: Michael Blumberg, MD Richmond, VA (2015), Malcolm N. Blumenthal, MD Minneapolis, MN (2015), Christopher W. Calabria, MD San Antonio, TX (2015), Adrian M. Casillas, MD Shreveport, LA (2015), Christopher Albert Coop, MD San Antonio, TX (2015), Richard DeShazo, MD Jackson, MS (2015), Lawrence M. DuBuske, MD Gardner, MA (2015), Anne K. Ellis, MD Kingston, ONtario (2015), Enrique Fernandez-Caldas, MD Seefeld, Germany (2015), Stanley M. Fineman, MD Marietta, GA (2015), Michael B. Foggs, MD Chicago, IL (2015), Theodore Freeman, MD San Antonio, TX (2015), D. Betty Lew, MD Memphis, TN (2015), Philip Lieberman, MD Germantown, TN (2015), Bryan L. Martin, DO Washinton, DC (2015), Travis A. Miller, MD Sacramento, CA (2015), David S. Pearlman, MD Denver, CO (2015), Todor A. Popov, MD, PhD Sophia, Bulgaria (2015), Gary S. Rachelefsky, MD Los Angeles, CA (2015), James L. Sublett, MD Louisville, KY (2015), Richard Tan, MD Los Angeles, CA (2015), Jonathan A. Bernstein, MD Cincinnati, OH (2014), Paula J. Busse, MD New York, NY (2014), Donald W. Cockcroft, MD Saskatoon, Canda (2014), Linda S. Cox, MD Ft. Lauderdale, FL (2014), Timothy J. Craig, DO Hershey, PA (2014), Chitra Dinakar, MD Kansas City, MO (2014), Sten Dreborg, MD Lerum, Sweden (2014), Robert E. Esch, PhD Lenoir, NC (2014), Alessandro Fiocchi, MD Milan, Italy (2014), Richard W. Honsinger, MD Los Alamos, NM (2014), Stephen F. Kemp, MD Jackson, MS (2014), Lyndon E. Mansfield, MD El Paso, TX (2014), John B. Meiser, MD Plano, TX (2014), Ervin C. Mingomataj, MD Tirana, Albania (2014), Talal M. Nisouli, MD Washington, DC (2014), Brian A. Smart, MD Buffalo Grove, IL (2014), Daniel L. Venarske, MD Jackson, MS (2014), Ronald S. Walls, MD Concord, Australia (2014), David R. Weldon, MD College Station, TX (2014), Phillip Brock Williams, PhD Olathe, KS (2014), Amal Assa'ad, MD Cincinnati, OH (2014), Giorgio Ciprandi, MD Genoa, Italy (2014), Terry O. Harville, MD, PhD Little Rock, AR (2014), Brett Haymore, MD Kensington, MD (2014), Desiree E. Larenas-Linnemann, MD Mexico D. F., Mexico (2014), Dennis K. Ledford, MD Tampa, FL (2014), Giovanni Passalacqua, MD Genoa, Italy (2014), Publications Committee: Ira Finegold, MD Chair, Scarsdale, NY, Michael B. Foggs, MD President- Elect, Chicago, IL, Stanley M. Fineman, MD, MBA Immediate President, Marietta, GA, Richard W. Weber, MD Presidentt, Denver, CO, Bryan L. Martin, DO Treasurer, Powell, OH, Mark S. Dykewicz, MD Allergy Training Program Director, Winston-Salem, NC, David I. Bernstein, MD Fellow, Cincinnati, OH, Phillip L. Lieberman, MD Fellow, Germantown, TN, David R. Weldon, MD 3rd Year Regent, College Station, TX, Leonard Bielory, MD 2nd Year Regent, Newark, NJ, Gailen D. Marshall, MD, PhD Editor-in-Chief, Annals, Jackson, MI, Anthony Montanaro, MD Editor-in-Chief, AllergyWatch, Portland, OR, Kathleen R. May, MD Editor, Website, Cumberland, MD, Mary L. Callaghan Publication Manager, Arlington Heights, IL, Gregory W. Bensch, MD 3rd Year Regent Stockton, CAY, Monica Bhagat, MD Jr. FIT Representative Philadelphia, PA, Chitra Dinakar, MD 2nd Year Regent Kansas City, MO, Board of Regents Stanley M. Fineman, MD, MBA Immediate President, Marrietta, GA, Tao T. Le, MD 1st Year Regent Elizabethtown, KY, Alnoor A. Malick, MD 3rd Year Regent Cape Giradeau, MO,, Bryan L. Martin, DO Treasurert, Powell, OH, Maeve E. O'Connor, MD 1st Year Regent Charlotte, NC, Richard W. Weber, MD President, Denver, CO, Michael B. Foggs, MD President-elect, Chicago, IL, Bryan L. Martin, DO Tre
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