Neurobiology of Learning and Memory

Neurobiology of Learning and Memory





Editor-in-Chief:T. Abel





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Aims & Scope

Neurobiology of Learning and Memory publishes articles concerned with neural and behavioral plasticity, including learning and memory and related aspects of neural adaptation, at all levels of analysis from molecular biology to behavior.

Research areas include all areas of the neurobiology of learning and memory.

Neurobiology of Learning and Memory includes major theoretical, research, and review papers; research reports; brief reports; rapid communications; and notes.

In addition, the following two categories are featured:

• Minireviews that succinctly survey appropriate areas of current research or theory
• Commentaries that serve as vehicles for brief presentations of new theories, hypotheses, points of view, or critiques of current research

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Clinicians, psychologists, neurologists, experimental neurologists

Abstracting and Indexing

Editor-in-Chief T. Abel University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA, USA, Associate Editors J. Born Tübingen, Germany, F. Helmstetter Milwaukee, WI, USA, E. Klann New York, NY, USA, J. Radulovic Chicago, IL, USA, Editorial Board W.C. Abraham Dunedin, New Zealand, C. Alberini New York, NY, USA, D.L. Alkon Bethesda, MD, USA, C.A. Barnes Tucson, AZ, USA, M. Baudry Los Angeles, CA, USA, D. J. Bucci Hanover, NH, USA, L. Cahill Irvine, CA, USA, M. Cammarota Natal, Brazil, J. Cassel Strasbourg Cedex, France, D.F. Clayton Urbana, IL, USA, N.J. Cohen Champaign, IL, USA, L. Davachi New York, NY, USA, J.F. Disterhoft Chicago, IL, USA, H. Eichenbaum Boston, MA, USA, M.S. Fanselow Los Angeles, CA, USA, K.M. Frick Milwaukee, WI, USA, F.H. Gage La Jolla, CA, USA, P.W. Gean Tainan, Taiwan, ROC, P.E. Gold Syracuse, NY, USA, E. Gould Princeton, NJ, USA, J.F. Guzowski Irvine, CA, USA, M.E. Hasselmo Boston, MA, USA, J.P. Huston Düsseldorf, Germany, I.A. Izquierdo PORTO ALEGRE, Brazil, S. Josselyn Toronto, ON, Canada, R.P. Kesner Salt Lake City, UT, USA, D. Korol Champaign, IL, USA, K. M. Lattal Portland, OR, USA, B. McCabe Cambridge, UK, J.H. Medina Buenos Aires, Argentina, R. Menzel Berlin, Germany, S.J.Y. Mizumori Seattle, WA, USA, R.G.M. Morris Edinburgh, UK, E.A. Murray Bethesda, MD, USA, R. Richardson Sydney, NSW, Australia, E. T. Rolls Oxford, England, UK, A. Routtenberg Evanston, IL, USA, C. Sandi Lausanne, Switzerland, H. Scheich Magdeburg, Germany, T.J. Sejnowski La Jolla, CA, USA, B. Setlow Gainesville, FL, USA, T.J. Shors Piscataway, NJ, USA, A. Silva Los Angeles, CA, USA, W. Singer Frankfurt, Germany, N. E. Spear Binghamton, NY, USA, O. Steward Irvine CA, USA, W. Suzuki New York, NY, USA, J.D. Sweatt Birmingham, AL, USA, R.F. Thompson Los Angeles, CA, USA, N.W. Weinberger Irvine, CA, USA, N.M. White Montreal, QC, Canada, C. Williams Charlottesville, VA, USA, M. A. Wood Irvine, CA, USA, S. Zola Atlanta, GA, USA, Past Editors-in-Chief J.F. Guzowski Irvine, CA, USA, P.E. Gold Syracuse, NY, USA, W. Greenough Champaign, IL, USA, J.L. McGaugh Irvine, CA, USA, M. Cammarota Natal, Brazil
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