Osteoarthritis and Cartilage

Official Journal of the OsteoArthritis Research Society International





Editor-in-Chief:J. Block





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Aims & Scope

Osteoarthritis and Cartilage is the official journal of the Osteoarthritis Research Society International.

It is an international, multidisciplinary journal that disseminates information for the many kinds of specialists and practitioners concerned with osteoarthritis.

The Journal fosters the cross-fertilization of findings from both the clinical and basic sciences of the various disciplines involved, including:

Molecular biology
Clinical pharmacology
Physical medicine


Abstracting and Indexing

Current Contents/Clinical Medicine, EMBASE, Excerpta Medica, MEDLINE®, Scopus, Sociedad Iberoamericana de Informacion Cientifica (SIIC) Data Bases
Editor-in-Chief: S. Lohmander Lund, Sweden, Deputy Editor, Clinical Research J.M. Jordan USA, Deputy Editor, Basic Research W.B. van den Berg The Netherlands, Consultant Biostatistician: J. Ranstam Sweden, Associate Editors: F. Beier Canada, J. Block USA, A. Davis Canada, C. De Bari UK, F. Guilak USA, D. Hunter Australia, H. Kawaguchi Japan, V. Kraus USA, A-M. Malfait USA, T. Mosher USA, E. Roos Denmark, R. Roemer Germany, P. van der Kraan Netherlands, Editorial Board: S. Abramson USA, T. Aigner Germany, K. Allen USA, N. Arden UK, G. Ateshian USA, K. Bennell Australia, F. Berenbaum France, B. Beynnon USA, S. Bierma-Zeinstra The Netherlands, J. Bijlsma The Netherlands, F.J. Blanco-Garcia Spain, H. Bliddal Denmark, K. Brandt USA, M. Brittberg Sweden, J.A. Buckwalter USA, D. Chen USA, J. Dekker The Netherlands, F. Dell'Accio UK, F. Eckstein Germany, M. Englund Sweden, D. Eyre USA, D.T. Felson USA, A. Fosang Australia, M. Fransen Australia, R. Frobell Sweden, G. Gold USA, M. Goldring USA, Y. Golightly USA, A. Grodzinsky USA, A. Guermazi USA, G. Hawker USA, Y. Henrotin Belgium, J. Henry Canada, G. Herrero-Beaumont Spain, Q. Jiang China, G. Jones Australia, J.S. Jurvelin Finland, R. Kandel Canada, J. Katz USA, Y.J. Kim USA, W. Knudsen USA, N. Lane USA, T. Link USA, C. Little Australia, G. Lo USA, R. Loeser USA, R. Lories USA, E. Losina UK, M. Lotz USA, J. Loughlin UK, E. Maheu France, J.F. Maillefert France, S. Messier USA, A. Nelson USA, T. Neogi USA, M. Nevitt USA, A. Plaas USA, R. Poole Canada, H. Potter USA, F. Rannou France, P.J. Roughley Canada, R.L. Sah USA, D. Salter UK, L. Sandell USA, C. Scanzello USA, R. Terkeltaub USA, J. Thumboo Singapore, R. Tuan USA, A. Valdes UK, T. Vincent UK, C. Winalski USA, W. Zhang UK
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