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Aims & Scope

NeuroImage, a Journal of Brain Function, provides a vehicle for communicating important advances in the use of neuroimaging to study structure-function and brain-behavior relationships. Though the emphasis is on the macroscopic level of human brain organization, meso-and microscopic neuroimaging across all species will be considered if they provide advances that are of relevance to a systems-level understanding of the human brain.

The main criterion on which papers are judged for NeuroImage, is to what extent the scientific contribution helps advance our understanding of brain function, organization, and structure. NeuroImage, also welcomes papers that explicitly address these questions in animal models or clinical populations. Papers that do not contain significant methodological development, and whose major contribution is to use imaging to advance the understanding of pathology, abnormal development, use of biomarkers or other questions of clinical utility should be referred to NeuroImage: Clinical.

NeuroImage, publishes original research articles, papers on methods, models of brain function, as well as positions on contentious issues. The journal strives to incorporate theoretical and technological innovations and is committed to publishing the highest quality papers in both print and electronic media. The editors and the editorial board members come from highly diverse specialties, reflecting the fact that imaging neuroscience is a multi-disciplinary science.

Submitted papers will generally be considered under eight general themes. However, papers with the above criteria that do not easily fit into any of the below themes will also be handled by an editor with the appropriate expertise.

• Analysis Methods
• Functional MRI Acquisition and Physics
• Computational Modeling and Analysis
• Anatomy and Physiology
• Cognition and Aging
• Social Neuroscience
• Sensorimotor Processing
• Communication, Language, and Learning


Imaging Neuroscientists, Computational Neuroscientists, Neuroanatomists, Neurophysiologists, Cognitive Neuroscientists, Experimental Psychologists, System Neuroscientists, Biostatisticians, Academic Neurologists and Psychiatrists.

Abstracting and Indexing

Editor-in-Chief Peter Bandettini Bethesda, MD, USA, Anatomy and Physiology Section Editor : Marc Tittgemeyer Köln, Germany, Handling Editors: Andrew Alexander Madison, WI, USA, Paul Cumming München, Germany, Simon Eickhoff Jülich, Germany, Heidi Johansen-Berg Oxford, England, UK, Thomas Münte Lübeck, Germany, Bruce Pike Montreal, QC, Canada, Methods and Modelling Section Editor: Michael Breakspear Brisbane, QLD, Australia, Handling Editors: Tom Eichele Bergen, Norway, Tom Liu La Jolla, CA, USA, Tom Nichols Coventry, UK, Stephen Smith Oxford, England, UK, Klaas Stephan Zurich, Switzerland, Systems Neuroscience Section Editor: Andreas Kleinschmidt Gif-sur-Yvette, France, Handling Editors: Vincent Clark Albuquerque, NM, USA, Hartwig Siebner Hvidovre, Denmark, Cognitive Neuroscience Section Editor: Sonja Kotz Leipzig, Germany, Cindy Lustig Ann Arbor, MI, USA, Handling Editors: Michael Chee Singapore, Singapore, Emrah Duzel London, England, UK, Gregory Hickok Irvine, CA, USA, Social Neuroscience Section Editor: Aina Puce Bloomington, IN, USA, Handling Editors: Joan Chiao Northwestern University, Evanston, IL, USA, Editorial Board : C. Beaulieu Edmonton, AB, Canada, C. Beckman , P. Bentley London, England, UK, G. Berns , M. Boly Liège, Belgium, M. Brookes Nottingham, UK, K. Cheng Wako, Japan, M.X. Cohen Amsterdam, Netherlands, A. Daffertshofer Amsterdam, Netherlands, J. Daunizeau Paris, France, C. Davatzikos Philadelphia, PA, USA, S. Debener Oldenburg, Germany, A. Duarte Atlanta, GA, USA, D. Eidelberg Manhasset, NY, USA, R. Elliott Manchester, England, UK, T. Ethofer Tuebingen, Germany, A. Gazzaley San Francisco, CA, USA, J.C. Gee Philadelphia, PA, USA, N. George Paris, France, P. Greenwood Fairfax, VA, USA, D. Grieve , J. Gross Glasgow, UK, G. Gründer Aachen, Germany, D.S.F. Hyder New Haven, CT, USA, S. Jbabdi Headington, Oxford, UK, R. Kakigi Okazaki, Japan, S.M. LaConte Roanoke, VA, USA, R. Lanzenberger Vienna, Austria, H. Laufs Frankfurt,, J. Lerch Toronto, ON, Canada, C.-S.R. Li New Haven, CT, USA, F.-H. Lin Taipei, Taiwan, M. Lowe Cleveland, OH, USA, K. Mathiak Aachen, Germany, W.P. Medendorp Hr Nijmege, Netherlands, V. Menon Stanford, CA, USA, K. L. Miller Oxford, England, UK, J. Mourao-Miranda London, England, UK, K. Murphy , S. Nagarajan San Francisco, CA, USA, U. Noppeney Tübingen, Germany, D. Norris Nijmegen, Netherlands, L. O'Donnell Boston, MA, USA, S. Ortigue Syracuse, NY, USA, S. Posse Albuquerque, Mexico, P. Ritter Berlin, Germany, A. Roebroeck Maastricht, Netherlands, S.A. Rombouts Leiden, Netherlands, D. Salat Charlestown, MA, USA, S. Schwartz Genève 4, Switzerland, B. Seymour , A. Silva , O. Sporns Bloomington, IN, USA, K. Uludag Maastricht, Netherlands, S. Whitfield-Gabrieli Cambridge, MA, USA, G. Wig St Louis, MO, USA, M. Woolrich , E. Yacoub Minneapolis, MN, USA, Editors Emeriti: R. Frackowiak London, UK
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