Molecular and Cellular Neuroscience

Molecular and Cellular Neuroscience





Editor-in-Chief:M. Bähr





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Aims & Scope

Molecular and Cellular Neuroscience publishes original research of exceptional significance from those areas of the neurosciences indicated by the broadest interpretation of the journal's title. In particular, the journal focuses on synaptic maintenance and organization, neuron-glia communication and regenerative neurobiology. Furthermore, since rapid peer-review and publication of such research is of paramount importance, extended cycles of article revision and re-review will not be entered into; it is anticipated that authors will fully address all referees' comments during the course of a single revision of their original manuscript.

US National Institutes of Health (NIH) voluntary posting ("Public Access") policy

Molecular & Cellular Neuroscience and Elsevier facilitate the author's response to the NIH Public Access Policy. For more details please see the Guide for authors


Clinicians, developmental biologists, molecular biologists, cell biologists, neurologists, experimental neurologists

Abstracting and Indexing

Editor-in-Chief O. Isacson Ctr. for Neuroregeneration Research, Harvard Medical School, 115 Mill Street, Belmont, MA 02478, USA, Fax: +1 617 855 3284, Editors M. Baehr , P.J. Hallett , J. Surmeier , Editorial Board Members E. Arenas , Y. Barde , C.I. Bargmann , B.A. Barres , H. Betz , J.L. Bixby , M. Bronner , L. Buck , M.V. Chao , D.R. Colman , C.Q. Doe , P. Doherty , A. Edge Ph.D. , R.H. Edwards , M.T. Filbin , S. Goldman , R.H. Goodman , M.E. Greenberg , P. Greengard , P. Gruss , W.A. Harris , H. Inoue , Y.N. Jan , S.C. Landis , J.W. Lichtman , D.M. Lovinger, PhD , A. Lumsden , M.B. Luskin , K. Mackie MD , S. McConnell , R.D.G. McKay , K. Mikoshiba , P. Mombaerts , A. Nairn , E. Peles , P. Penzes , M. Raff , B. Ranscht , L.F. Reichardt , M. Rice , W. Richardson , J.L. Rutkowski , J.R. Sanes , P. Seeburg , C.J. Shatz , P. Sonderegger , N. Spruston , C. Stevens , M. Takeichi , M. Tessier-Lavigne , J.B. Thomas , K. Zinn
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