Le journal de L'analyse Médicale et de la Biologie Clinique

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Aims & Scope

Option/Bio is a fortnightly magazine which presents news and articles on clinical biology in Europe, and is aimed at meeting the biologist's need for objective information covering all aspects of the field - professional, medical and practical. The editorial board consists of eminent specialists from hospitals and private laboratories. Option/Bio keeps a close eye on developments in the field and is fully in tune with current trends and preoccupations.

Every fortnight, an issue of Option/Bio offers:
– day-to-day professional news
– scientific information in the medical and biological areas
– diagnostic approaches
– a section for residents: biochemistry, hematology, microbiology, immunology, epidemiology and parasitology
– technical viewpoint

Each month, a scientific section is included and an extension of the subscription to 4 supplemental issues which cover the legal aspects of clinical in France is available.


Biologists, Medical Laboratories, Hospital Pathology Laboratories, Blood Banks.

Abstracting and Indexing

Editor-in-Chief: Lylia Belloul (Elsevier SAS, Paris, France), General Secretary: Alain Devanlay (Paris, France), Associate Technical Editor-in-chief: Philippe Brunet (Elsevier SAS, Paris, France), Scientific Committee: J. Acar , J. Ingrand , M. Samama , Editorial Board: C. Bohuon , M. Danis , J.L. Beneytout , C. Bertholom , I. Collignon , B. Gouget , A. Gruson , C. Hamberger , C. Huguet , A. Legrand , A. Malmejac , B. Poggi , H. Susini de Lucas , A. Vassault
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