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Aims & Scope

Medicine is an ever changing discipline with constant need for research and a platform for experience sharing. The Apollo Medicine Journal is the official, peer-reviewed publication of Apollo Hospitals Group and has been conceptualized with the idea of providing such a platform for researchers as well as clinicians ever since its inception in September 2004.

The Journal is published quarterly (March, June, September & December) by Elsevier, a division of Reed Elsevier India Pvt. Ltd.

The Journal accepts original articles on clinical or laboratory research and review articles. In addition, the Journal also features engaging and informative case reports and article related to Quality in Health Care and Journal Scan, Technology Update, and Interesting Rare Case pictures. Submissions are accepted through the dedicated electronic submission system for Apollo Medicine.

The Editorial Board comprises 13 eminent specialists from the Apollo Group.

The Journal provides a platform to researchers, clinicians and academicians, especially in the Apollo Group, and welcomes contributions from all over the world.

ISSN: 0976-0016


Editor-in-Chief: Dr. R.N. Srivastava Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals, Sarita Vihar, New Delhi, Founder Editor: Late Dr. R.K. Puri , Patron: Dr. Preetha Reddy , Associate Editors: Dr. Vijay C Bose Chennai, Dr. Anjali Kulkarni Delhi, Dr. Vijay Dixit Hyderabad, Dr. Nisith Kumar Mohanty Bhubaneshwar, Dr. Radha Krishna Hegde Bengaluru, Dr. N. Ramakrishnan Chennai, K. Swaminathan Madurai, Dr. Nipun Choudhary Delhi, Dr. J. Terrence Jose Jerome Madurai, Dr. Sameer Dani Ahmedabad , Dr. M.K. M Mani, Chennai, Dr. Rohini Handa Delhi, Dr. Arun Prasad Delhi, Dr. Alok Ranjan Hyderabad, Dr. Bhaskaran Vasudevan Bengaluru, Dr. Gaurav Loria Hyderabad, Dr. Robin Chakravarty Kolkata , Dr. R.N. Makroo Delhi, Dr. M.K. Goenka Kolkata, Dr. Subhashni Prabhakar Hyderabad, Dr. A.H.M Waliul Islam Dhaka, Dr. Vijay Anand P Reddy Chennai, Dr. M Venkatraman Chennai, Executive Editors: Dr. Anupam Sibal , Dr. S.K. Agarwal , Editorial Board: Dr. Satya Bhama Chennai, Dr.Dipankar Ganguly Kolkota , Dr. Hariprasad Hyderabad, Dr. Prem Kumar Chennai, Dr. N.K. Parmar Bhubaneshwar , Dr. S.M. Ravindranath Mysore, Dr. T.S. Reddy Hyderabad, Dr. Raman Sardana Delhi, Dr. A.K. Sharma Bilaspur, Dr. Shiv Kumar Sharma Bengaluru, Dr. Abhijat Sheth Ahmedabad , Dr. Rohini Sridhar Madurai, Dr. R.K. Vengadasalam Mauritius
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