Indian Journal of Rheumatology

Indian Journal of Rheumatology

Official Publication of the Indian Rheumatology Association



Editor: Vinod Ravindran MD,FRCP





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Aims & Scope

Indian Journal of Rheumatology (INJR, formerly, journal of Indian Rheumatology Association) is the official, peer-reviewed publication of the Indian Rheumatology Association. The journal accepts original articles on clinical and laboratory research in the field of rheumatology and review articles on topics of current interest (mainly by invitation). In addition, the journal features articles of educational value to postgraduate students such as 'rheumatology quiz' and annotated 'International publications of interest from India'. The aim of the publication is to promote research on rheumatology in India and serve as a platform for global dissemination of research. Although preference is given to original work carried out on the Indian subcontinent, contributions are welcome from anywhere in the world. The section “nuts and bolts in research” publishes articles which can help young researchers to execute their research better.


Abstracting and Indexing

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Editor-in-Chief: Gp Capt S Shankar , Associate Editors: K. Shanmuganandan , Vivek Arya , Assistant Editors: R. Aneja , Aman Sharma , V. Dhir , Editorial Committee: R Handa , Uma Kumar , Rajiva Gupta , Emeritus Editor: Ashok Kumar , Editorial Board: National C.M. Adya , Vikas Aggarwal , Amita Aggarwal , S. Amin , C. Balakrishnan , P. Bambery , Lata Bichile , N. Borches , V.P. Chaturvedi , D. Danda , B.G. Dharmanand , Lalit Duggal , L.A. Gauri , Alakendu Ghosh , S.J. Gupta , V.R. Joshi , Atul Kakar , R. Kakkar , Sanjiv Kapoor , V. Krishnamurthy , Annil Mahajan , K.M. Mahendranath , A.N. Malaviya , V. Marwaha , N.K. Mehra , R. Misra , S. Mukherjee , R. Muralidhar , Sita Naik , G Narsimulu , Jyotsna Oak , P.K. Pispati , R. Porkodi , V. Rajamani , C.P. Rajendran , U.R.K Rao , Renu Saigal , Sujata Sawhney , Surjit Singh , V.K. Singhal , M.R. Sivakumar , A. Wanchu , Editorial Board: International Paul Bacon , A.K. Bhalla , K. Chaudhuri , A.K. Clarke , B. Dasgupta , F. Davatchi , P.H. Feng , Y.T . Konttinen , C.S. Lau , Peter Maddison , Neil J. McHugh , George Nuki , Ira Pande , Y. Shoenfeld , Ram R. Singh , S.S. Uppal , Editorial Office: Department of Internal Medicine Armed Forces Medical College, Pune, 411040, India
Phone and Fax: 0091-20-26332781
Email: injorheumat@gmail.com
Website: click here
Back issues available at www.medind.nic.in
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