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Aims & Scope

We publish original research work across all disciplines of orthopedics and allied sciences,continuing education, evidence updates, students' pre-specified contributions, journal clubs, health-related information of interest to our readers and letters to editors are published. Journal of Orthopaedics seeks to be the pre-eminent Orthopaedics Journal. The content is aimed to deliver significant impact on the clinical practitioners and for improvement of the quality of health care.

We are keen to encourage the submission of papers from authors whose first language is not English, although it is recommended that before submitting your manuscript to the journal you ask a colleague familiar with written English to read it through. This will greatly speed up the time taken to publish your paper. It is requested to note that the journal has an international readership and all submissions should be aimed at specifying something about the setting in which the work was conducted, why any specific reason for the research and also an elaborate description of the results.


Honorary Editor M.K. Viswanathan Calicut, Chief Editor P. Gopinathan Calicut, Executive Editor Anwar Marthya Calicut, Administrative Editor Nikhil. O. Govindan Calicut, Associate Editors Raju Karuppal Calicut, Sibin Surendran Calicut, Rejth Valsalan Calicut, Vinod V Calicut, Muhammed Hazil Calicut, Rajesh Purushothamn Calicut, Editorial Board Hithesh Gopalan Calicut, Vinod Scaria Calicut, Rajagopalan Bangalore, Oliver I. Schmidt Germany, Y.Y. Won Korea, C.W. Han Korea, Chia Shi Lu Singapore, Lakshmanan Palniyappan UK-NHS, Heiko Graichen Germany, Masayuki Iki Japan
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