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European Journal of Cancer

Official Journal of EORTC, ECCO, EACR and EUSOMA





Editor-in-Chief:Alexander M. M. Eggermont





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Aims & Scope

The European Journal of Cancer (EJC) is an international multidisciplinary oncology journal, which publishes original research, reviews, and editorial comments on basic and preclinical cancer research, translational oncology, clinical oncology - including medical oncology, paediatric oncology, radiation oncology, and surgical oncology, and cancer epidemiology and prevention.

The EJC is the official journal of the European Organisation for Research and Treatment of Cancer (EORTC), the European CanCer Organisation (ECCO), the European Association for Cancer Research (EACR) and the European Society of Breast Cancer Specialists (EUSOMA).

Why publish your work in the EJC?
Efficient peer-review: The EJC's Editors and reviewers are committed to maintaining the high standards of the journal. All manuscripts submitted to the EJC will be evaluated by the journal's Editors. Some manuscripts may be rejected outright following this evaluation, allowing the authors to submit their work elsewhere. Those manuscripts which are judged as being eligible for consideration by the Editors will be subject to peer-review. The full peer-review policy for the EJC can be found here.

The EJC has an online submission and peer-review system to facilitate the submission and peer-review of submitted manuscripts. Authors are able to upload their manuscript quickly and track the status of their manuscript throughout the review process.

Online Publication as an Article-in-Press: All manuscripts that are accepted for publication in the EJC are published online as Articles-in-Press within 4 - 5 weeks of acceptance. Articles-in-Press can be cited using the unique digital object identifier (DOI) which is assigned to all papers. In addition, Articles-in-Press are indexed in PubMed.

The EJC's readership: The EJC is published in print and online and is available to more than 17,000 academic and clinical institutions, personal subscribers and members of the journal's Society Partners (the EORTC, ECCO, EACR and EUSOMA). In 2011 the journal had more than 83,000 articles downloaded per month from across the world.

The EJC has an iPad app, making each issue of the journal available to our readers in this format. Visit click here to find out more.

eTables of Contents: Our readers can elect to receive free eTables of Contents via email, which are sent out for each issue of the journal.

Abstracting and Indexing Coverage: The EJC is included in the leading abstracting and indexing services, including PubMed/MEDLINE, Current Contents/Clinical Medicine, the Science Citation Index, the Journal Citation Reports and Scopus.

HINARI: The EJC is part of HINARI (Health InterNetwork Access to Research Initiative) administered by the World Health Organisation. The HINARI Programme enables developing countries to gain access to one of the world's largest collections of biomedical and health literature.

Why read the EJC?
High quality original research and review articles: The EJC is a multidisciplinary journal, publishing high quality original research and review articles on basic and preclinical research, translational oncology, clinical oncology (medical, paediatric, radiation, surgical), and cancer epidemiology and prevention from across the world.

Guidelines: The EJC is privileged to publish selected treatment guidelines from the journal's Society Partners (the EORTC, ECCO, EACR and EUSOMA) and other groups.

Special Series: The EJC publishes special series of papers on linked topics of particular relevance and interest to the journal's readers.

EJC News and EJC News Focus: Each month, the journal publishes the EJC News, discussing and commenting on current issues in cancer, together with the EJC News Focus, a series of video interviews with key opinion leaders in oncology.


Basic and preclinical researchers, clinical oncologists (medical, paediatric, radiation, surgical), translational oncologists, cancer epidemiologists.

Abstracting and Indexing

BIOSIS, CAB Abstracts, CAB Health, CINAHL, Cambridge Scientific Abstracts, Chemical Abstracts, Current Clinical Cancer, Current Contents/BIOMED Database, Current Contents/Clinical Medicine, Current Contents/Life Sciences, Current Contents/SciSearch Database, Current Contents/Science Citation Index, EMBASE, Elsevier BIOBASE, MEDLINE®, PASCAL/CNRS, Reference Update, Research Alert, SCISEARCH, Science Citation Index, Scopus, Toxicology Abstracts, UMI Microfilms
Editor-in-Chief: Alexander M. M. Eggermont Institut Gustave Roussy, Villejuif, France, Editors: Basic and Preclinical Research Richard Marais Manchester, UK, Giorgio Parmiani Milan, Italy, Editor: Epidemiology and Prevention Jan Willem Coebergh Rotterdam, The Netherlands, Editor: Drug Development Jean-Charles Soria Villejuif, France, Editor: Early Breast Cancer Kathleen I. Pritchard Toronto, Canada, Editor: Advanced Breast Cancer David Cameron Edinburgh, UK, Michel Ducreux Villejuif, France, Editors: Gastrointestinal Cancers Eric Van Cutsem Leuven, Belgium, Editor: Genitourinary Cancers Cora Sternberg Rome, Italy, Editor: Lung Cancer Mary O'Brien London, UK, Editor: Gynaecological Cancers Ignace Vergote Leuven, Belgium, Editor: Head and Neck Cancer Lillian Siu Toronto, Canada, Editor: Sarcomas Jean-Yves Blay Lyon, France, Editor: Melanoma Dirk Schadendorf Essen, Germany, Editor: Neuro-oncology Roger Stupp Lausanne, Switzerland, Editor: Paediatric Oncology Rob Pieters Rotterdam, The Netherlands, Editorial Office: EJC Elsevier Ltd, The Boulevard, Langford Lane, Kidlington, Oxford, OX5 1GB, UK, Clinical Oncology Editorial Board: J.P. Armand France, A. Ayhan Japan, M. Bolla France, J. Boyages Australia, F. Cardoso Portugal, J. Cassidy UK, M. Castiglione Switzerland, L. Cheng USA, H. Cody USA, R. Coleman UK, A. Costa Italy, J.S. de Bono UK, M.J.A. De Jonge The Netherlands, A. Dicker USA, R. Dummer Switzerland, F. Eisinger France, S. Erridge UK, P. Eystein Lonning Norway, G. Ferrandina Italy, H. Gabra UK, H. Gelderblom The Netherlands, B. Hasan Belgium, J.-C. Horiot Switzerland, J. Jassem Poland, V.C. Jordan USA, A. Katz Brazil, I. Kunkler UK, L. Lindner Germany, P. Lorigan UK, K. McDonald Australia, R. Mertelsmann UK, F. Meunier Belgium, T. Mok Hong Kong, D.-H. Nam Republic of Korea, J. Overgaard Denmark, J. Perry Canada, P. Price UK, D. Raghavan USA, J. Robert France, A. Rody Germany, D. Sargent USA, M. Schmidinger Austria, S. Sleijfer The Netherlands, P. Sonneveld The Netherlands, A. Sparreboom USA, M. van den Bent The Netherlands, M. Van Glabbeke Belgium, G. Velikova UK, U. Veronesi Italy, A. Vincent-Salomon France, A. Voogd The Netherlands, E. de Vries The Netherlands, E. Winquist Canada, Basic and Preclinical Research and Translational Oncology Editorial Board: A. Albini Italy, P. Allavena Italy, M. Barbacid Spain, M. Broggini Italy, J. Collard The Netherlands, E. Garattini Italy, A. Gescher UK, W. Keith UK, L.A. Kiemeney The Netherlands, J. Lunec UK, G.J. Peters The Netherlands, A. Puisieux France, M. Schmitt Germany, C.G.J. Sweep The Netherlands, G. Taraboletti Italy, P. Vineis UK, N. Zaffaroni Italy, Epidemiology and Prevention Editorial Board: P. Autier France, D. Brewster UK, J. Faivre France, D. Forman France, S. Franceschi France, C. Johannsen Denmark, L.A. Kiemeney The Netherlands, F. Merletti Italy, R. Sankila Finland, L. van de Poll-Franse The Netherlands, Paediatric Oncology Editorial Board: C. Bergeron France, E. Bouffet Canada, B. de Camargo Brazil, A. Ferrari Italy, F. Gibson UK, D.M. Green USA, S.J. Kellie Australia, H. Martelli France, W.H. Meyer USA, B. Morland UK, K. Pritchard-Jones UK, A. Schuck Germany, C.A. Stiller UK, G. Vassal France, H.B. Wallace UK
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