Current Opinion in Neurobiology

Current Opinion in Neurobiology





Editors:Gina Turrigiano





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Aims & Scope

Current Opinion in Neurobiology contains:
• Over 90 reviews a year from leading international contributors
• Evaluated reference lists for all reviews

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Search and read all issues from the very latest, back to the first, giving you access to your own reference library without leaving your desk.

Ethics in Publishing: General Statement

The Editor(s) and Publisher of this Journal believe that there are fundamental principles underlying scholarly or professional publishing. While this may not amount to a formal 'code of conduct', these fundamental principles with respect to the authors' paper are that the paper should: i) be the authors' own original work, which has not been previously published elsewhere, ii) reflect the authors' own research and analysis and do so in a truthful and complete manner, iii) properly credit the meaningful contributions of co-authors and co-researchers, iv) not be submitted to more than one journal for consideration, and v) be appropriately placed in the context of prior and existing research. Of equal importance are ethical guidelines dealing with research methods and research funding, including issues dealing with informed consent, research subject privacy rights, conflicts of interest, and sources of funding. While it may not be possible to draft a 'code' that applies adequately to all instances and circumstances, we believe it useful to outline our expectations of authors and procedures that the Journal will employ in the event of questions concerning author conduct. With respect to conflicts of interest, the Publisher now requires authors to declare any conflicts of interest that relate to papers accepted for publication in this Journal. A conflict of interest may exist when an author or the author's institution has a financial or other relationship with other people or organizations that may inappropriately influence the author's work. A conflict can be actual or potential and full disclosure to the Journal is the safest course. All submissions to the Journal must include disclosure of all relationships that could be viewed as presenting a potential conflict of interest. The Journal may use such information as a basis for editorial decisions and may publish such disclosures if they are believed to be important to readers in judging the manuscript. A decision may be made by the Journal not to publish on the basis of the declared conflict.

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Academic, Industrial and Clinical Neurobiologists who are interested in recent advances in the field of understanding neurobiology.

Abstracting and Indexing

CAB International, Chemical Abstracts, Current Contents/Life Sciences, EMBASE, Life Science Collection, MEDLINE®, Neuroscience Citation Index, PsycINFO, Psychology Abstracts, Reference Update, SciSearch/Science Citation Index Expanded, Science Citation Index, Scopus
Editors Cornelia Bargmann , Edvard Moser , Editorial Board Larry Abbott New York, NY, USA, Albert Aguayo Québec, QC, Canada, Silvia Arber Basel, Switzerland, Philippe Ascher Paris, France, Yves Barde Basel, Switzerland, Ben Barres Stanford, CA, USA, Heinrich Betz Frankfurt, Germany, Emilio Bizzi Cambridge, MA, USA, Tobias Bonhoeffer Martinsried, Germany, Linda Buck Seattle, WA, USA, Connie Cepko Cambridge, MA, USA, Peter Dayan London, England, UK, Barry Dickson Wien, Austria, Catherine Dulac Cambridge, MA, USA, Fred Gage La Jolla, CA, USA, Apostolos Georgopoulos Minneapolis, MN, USA, Sten Grillner Stockholm, Sweden, Mary Hatten New York, NY, USA, Okihide Hikosaka Bethesda, MD, USA, Robert Horvitz Cambridge, MA, USA, Tomas Hökfelt Stockholm, Sweden, Tadashi Isa Okazaki, Japan, Lily Jan San Francisco, CA, USA, Thomas Jessell New York, NY, USA, Eric Kandel New York, NY, USA, Ole Kiehn Stockholm, Sweden, Rudiger Klein Munich, Germany, Mark Konishi Pasadena, CA, USA, Nikos Logothetis Tübingen, Germany, Jeffrey Magee Asburn, VA, USA, Robert Malenka Palo Alto, CA, USA, Eve Marder Waltham, MA, USA, Kevan Martin Zürich, Switzerland, Bruce McNaughton Lethbridge, Canada, Mortimer Mishkin Bethesda, MD, USA, Richard Morris Edinburgh, UK, Shigetada Nakanishi Suita, Japan, Eric Nestler New York, NY, USA, William Newsome Stanford, CA, USA, Roger Nicoll San Francisco, CA, USA, Dennis O'Leary San Diego, CA, USA, Paul Patterson Pasadena, CA, USA, Christine Petit Paris Cedex 15, France, Martin Raff London, UK, Joshua Sanes Cambridge, MA, USA, Erin Schuman Pasadena, CA, USA, Terrance Sejnowski La Jolla, CA, USA, Dennis Selkoe Boston, MA, USA, Morgan Sheng Cambridge, MA, USA, Wolf Singer Frankfurt, Germany, Larry Squire San Diego, CA, USA, Peter Strick Pittsburg, PA, USA, James Surmeier Chicago, IL, USA, Karel Svoboda Cold Spring Harbor, NY, USA, Marc Tessier-Lavigne New York, NY, USA, Gina Turrigiano Waltham, MA, USA, Anne Young Boston, MA, USA
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