Nutrition, Metabolism & Cardiovascular Diseases

Nutrition, Metabolism & Cardiovascular Diseases

An international journal on Diabetes, Atherosclerosis and Human Nutrition





Editor-in-Chief:A. Giaccari





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Aims & Scope

Nutrition, Metabolism & Cardiovascular Diseases is a forum designed to focus on the powerful interplay between nutritional and metabolic alterations, and cardiovascular disorders. It aims to be a highly qualified tool to help refine strategies against the nutrition-related epidemics of metabolic and cardiovascular diseases. By presenting original clinical and experimental findings, it introduces readers and authors into a rapidly developing area of clinical and preventive medicine, including also vascular biology. Of particular concern are the origins, the mechanisms and the means to prevent and control diabetes, atherosclerosis, hypertension, and other nutrition-related diseases.

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Abstracting and Indexing

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Editor-in-Chief: P. Strazzullo Naples, Italy, Co-Editors: A. Giaccari Rome, Italy, P. Rubba Naples, Italy (Immediate Past Editor-in-Chief), A. Siani Avellino, Italy, Associate Editors: M. Arca Rome, Italy, J. Bella New York, USA, F. Brighenti Parma, Italy, S. Frontoni Rome, Italy, F. Galletti Naples, Italy, L. Laviola Bari, Italy, A. Mezzetti Chieti, Italy, L. Moreno Zaragoza, Spain, J. Ordovas Boston, USA, A.A. Rivellese Naples, Italy, A. Rocchini Ann Arbor, USA, S. Tonstad Oslo, Norway, M. Trevisan Nevada, USA, Emeritus Editors: G. Assmann Munster, Germany, P. Brunetti Perugia, Italy, M. Mancini Naples, Italy, G. Riccardi Naples, Italy, J. Stamler Chicago, USA, Y. Stein Jerusalem, Israel, Editorial Board, Human Nutrition G. Barba Avellino Italy, A. Bordoni Bologna, Italy, P. Clifton Adelaide, Australia, A. D'Amicis Rome, Italy, M. De Lorgeril Grenoble, France, D. Del Rio Parma, Italy, R. Giacco Avellino, Italy, B. Lamarche Montreal, Canada, J.H. Lee Seoul, Korea, A. Marcos Madrid, Spain, D. Molnár Pécs, Hungary, M. Porrini Milan, Italy, G.L. Russo Avellino, Italy, L. Scalfi Naples, Italy, J. Tur Palma de Mallorca, Spain, Editorial Board, Hyperlipidemia and Atherosclerosis M. Averna Palermo, Italy, F. Cipollone Chieti, Italy, S. Engeli Hannover, Germany, G. Franceschini Milan, Italy, A. Iannuzzi Naples, Italy, F. Karpe Oxford, UK, L Masana Reus, Spain, R. Mensink Maastricht, The Netherlands, B. Nordestgaard Herlev, Denmark, L. Ose Oslo, Norway, K. Parhofer Munich, Germany, A. Pujia Catanzaro, Italy, Z. Reiner Zagreb, Croatia, G.B. Vigna Ferrara, Italy, Editorial Board, Diabetes and Metabolism: G. Annuzzi Naples, Italy, D. Ardigo Parma, Italy, B. Capaldo Naples, Italy, C. Giorda Chieri, Italy, A. Gnasso Catanzaro, Italy, K. Hermansen Aarhus, Denmark, B. Howard Washington, USA, R. James Geneva, Switzerland, E. Mannucci Florence, Italy, M. Matsuda Saitama, Japan, R. Miccoli Pisa, Italy, G. Perseghin Milan, Italy, D. Pitocco Rome, Italy, G. Pugliese Rome, Italy, V. Spallone Rome, Italy, R. Trevisan Bergamo, Italy, M. Trovati Turin, Italy, M. Uusitupa Kuopio, Finland, O. Vaccaro Naples, Italy, V. Vuksan Toronto, Canada, Editorial Board, Hypertension/Cardiovascular Diseases: P. Barter Adelaide, Australia, L.A. Bazzano New Orleans, USA, F.P. Cappuccio Coventry, UK, T. Celik Ankara, Turkey, S. Cocozza Naples, Italy, L. Ghiadoni Pisa, Italy, W.G. Haynes Iowa City, USA, L. Iacoviello Campobasso, Italy, M. Miller Coventry, UK, G. Navis Groningen, The Netherlands, D. Panagiotakos Athens, Greece, G. Schillaci Perugia, Italy, S. Stranges Coventry, UK, F. Veglio Turin, Italy, M. Volpe Rome, Italy, K.T. Weber Memphis, TN, USA, A. Zittermann Bad Oynhausen, Germany, C. Zoccali Reggio Calabria, Italy, Editorial Assistants: G. Fanara Naples, Italy, R. Scala Naples, Italy
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