Psychiatry Research: Neuroimaging

Psychiatry Research: Neuroimaging

The Official Publication of the International Society for Neuroimaging in Psychiatry





Editors-in-Chief:M.S. Buchsbaum





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Aims & Scope

Psychiatry Research: Neuroimaging publishes manuscripts on positron emission tomography, magnetic resonance imaging, computerized electroencephalographic topography, regional cerebral blood flow, computed tomography, magnetoencephalography, autoradiography, post-mortem regional analyses, and other imaging techniques. Reports concerning results in psychiatric disorders, dementias, and the effects of behaviorial tasks and pharmacological treatments are featured. We also invite manuscripts on the methods of obtaining images and computer processing of the images themselves. Selected case reports are also published.


Psychiatrists, Neurologists, Psychopharmacologists and Clinical Neurophysiologists.

Abstracting and Indexing

BIOSIS, Chemical Abstracts, Current Contents/Life Sciences, EMBASE, MEDLINE®, PsycINFO Psychological Abstracts, SIIC-Data bases, Scopus
Editors-in-Chief: M.S. Buchsbaum San Diego, CA, USA, K. Maurer Frankfurt, Germany, T. Dierks Bern, Switzerland, A. Pfefferbaum Menlo Park, CA, USA, Managing Editor: S. Buchsbaum , Associate Editors: N.C. Andreasen Iowa City, IA, USA, T.J. Crow Oxford, UK, G. Sedvall Stockholm, Sweden, D.R. Weinberger Baltimore, MD, USA, P. Brambilla Udine, Italy, J.D. Brodie New York, NY, USA, C.S. Carter Sacramento, CA, USA, L. Chang Honolulu, USA, P. Falkai Goettingen, Germany, P. Flor-Henry Edmonton, AB, Canada, S. Galderisi Naples, Italy, A. Heinz Berlin, Germany, T. Iidaka Nagoya, Japan, M. Kubicki N. Sutton, NH, USA, V. Kumari London, UK, J.S. Kwon Seoul, Korea, J.-L. Martinot Orsay, Cedex, France, A.M. Mclntosh Edinburgh, UK, A. Meyer-Lindenberg Mannheim, Germany, V. Molina Salamanca, Spain, A.B. Newberg Philadelphia, USA, E.A. Nofzinger Pittsburgh, PA, USA, G.D. Pearlson Hartford, CT, USA, O. Pogarell Munich, Germany, J.D. Ragland Sacramento, CA, USA, S.L. Rauch Belmont, MA 02478, USA, M.L. Reite Denver, CO, USA, P.F. Renshaw Salt Lake City, UT, USA, B. Saletu Vienna, Austria, F. Schneider Aachen, Germany, J. Schroeder Heidelberg, Germany, M.E. Shenton Boston, MA, USA, G.W. Small Los Angeles, CA, USA, M. Suzuki Toyama, Japan, P.R. Szeszko Glen Oaks, NY, USA, W.D. Taylor Durham, NC, USA, J. Théberge London, Ontario, Canada, N.E.M. van Haren Utrecht, The Netherlands, A. Vita Milan, Italy, L.-O. Wahlund Huddinge, Sweden, M. Yücel Carlton South, VIC, Australia
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