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Aims & Scope

Epilepsy Research provides for publication of high quality articles in both basic and clinical epilepsy research, with a special emphasis on translational research that ultimately relates to epilepsy as a human condition. The journal is intended to provide a forum for reporting the best and most rigorous epilepsy research from all disciplines ranging from biophysics and molecular biology to epidemiological and psychosocial research. As such the journal will publish original papers relevant to epilepsy from any scientific discipline and also studies of a multidisciplinary nature. Clinical and experimental research papers adopting fresh conceptual approaches to the study of epilepsy and its treatment are encouraged. The overriding criteria for publication are novelty, significant clinical or experimental relevance, and interest to a multidisciplinary audience in the broad arena of epilepsy. Review articles focused on any topic of epilepsy research will also be considered, but only if they present an exceptionally clear synthesis of current knowledge and future directions of a research area, based on a critical assessment of the available data or on hypotheses that are likely to stimulate more critical thinking and further advances in an area of epilepsy research.

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Epileptologists, neurologists, clinical neurophysiologists, pharmacologists, psychiatrists.

Abstracting and Indexing

Chemical Abstracts, Current Contents/Life Sciences, EMBASE, Elsevier BIOBASE, MEDLINE®, Reference Update, Science Citation Index, Scopus
Editor-in-Chief: D.M. Treiman Newsome Chair in Epileptology, Professor of Neurology, Director, Epilepsy Center, Barrow Neurological Institute, 500 W. Thomas Road, Suite 720, Phoenix, AZ 85013, USA, Associate Editor - Clinical Research M. Koepp London, UK, Associate Editor - Basic Research M. Kokaia Lund, Sweden, Consulting Editors: B. Abou-Khalil Nashville, TN, USA, C. Acevedo Santiago, Chile, G. Baker Liverpool, UK, H. Beck Bonn, Germany, A. Becker Bonn, Germany, C. Begley TX, USA, M. Bialer Jerusalem, Israel, I. Blümcke Erlangen, Germany, E. Brodtkorb Trondheim, Norway, J.E. Cavazos San Antonio, USA, F. Cendes Campinas, SP, Brazil, H. Cross London, UK, M. De Curtis Milano, Italy, J. S. Duncan Bucks, UK, W. Gaillard MD, USA, A.S. Galanopoulou NY, USA, O. Gröhn Kuopio, Finland, C. Guerierro Valinhos, Brazil, C.L. Harden NY, USA, W.A. Hauser New York, NY, USA, D. Hesdorffer USA, H. Hosny Cairo, Egypt, R. Köhling Berlin, Germany, H. Kubova Czech Republic, P. Kwan Shatin, Hong Kong, S.K. Lee Seoul, Korea, H.W. Lee Seoul, Korea, S. Li Beijing, China, D. Loring Florida, USA, K. Lukasiuk Warsaw, Poland, G. Mathern Los Angeles, USA, M.A. Mikati NC, USA, A. Nehlig Strasbourg, France, T. O'Brien Victoria, Australia, E. Perucca Pavia, Italy, A. Pitkänen Kuopio, Finland, H. Potschka Munich, Germany, A. Represa, Marseille, France, J. Régis Marseille, France, P.E. Schauwecker Los Angeles, USA, M. Seeck Geneva, Switzerland, E. So Rochester, USA, I. Soltesz Irvine, USA, G. Sperk Innsbruck, Austria, H. Stefan Erlangen, Germany, B.J. Steinhoff Kehl-Kork, Germany, W.H. Theodore Bethesda, USA, S.V. Thomas Kerala State, India, T. Tomson Stockholm, Sweden, L. Velisek NY, USA, A. Vezzani Milano, Italy, Founding Editors: I.E. Leppik Managing Editor, 1985-2006, W. Löscher Managing Editor, 1985-2006, R.L. Macdonald Managing Editor, 1989-2006, R.W. Olsen Managing Editor, 1985-1989, D Schmidt Managing Editor, 1985-2006
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