Reproductive Toxicology

Reproductive Toxicology





Editor-in-Chief:Thomas B. Knudsen





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Aims & Scope

Drawing from a large number of disciplines, Reproductive Toxicology publishes timely, original research on the influence of chemical and physical agents on reproduction. Written by and for obstetricians, pediatricians, embryologists, teratologists, geneticists, toxicologists, andrologists, and others interested in detecting potential reproductive hazards, the journal is a forum for communication among researchers and practitioners. Articles focus on the application of in vitro, animal and clinical research to the practice of clinical medicine.

All aspects of reproduction are within the scope of Reproductive Toxicology, including the formation and maturation of male and female gametes, sexual function, the events surrounding the fusion of gametes and the development of the fertilized ovum, nourishment and transport of the conceptus within the genital tract, implantation, embryogenesis, intrauterine growth, placentation and placental function, parturition, lactation and neonatal survival. Adverse reproductive effects in males will be considered as significant as adverse effects occurring in females. To provide a balanced presentation of approaches, equal emphasis will be given to clinical and animal or in vitro work. Typical end points that will be studied by contributors include infertility, sexual dysfunction, spontaneous abortion, malformations, abnormal histogenesis, stillbirth, intrauterine growth retardation, prematurity, behavioral abnormalities, and perinatal mortality.

In addition to original research articles, Reproductive Toxicology also publishes interpretative review articles, editorials, letters, book reviews, and conference announcements. The first section of each issue of the journal is devoted to an in-depth, timely review of research on the effect of particular chemical or physical agents on reproduction. Potential authors are encouraged to contact the Editor-in-Chief before submitting such a review.


Obstetricians, pediatricians, embryologists, geneticists.

Abstracting and Indexing

BIOSIS, Biomedical Database, Current Contents/Life Sciences, EMBASE, EMBiology, Elsevier BIOBASE, Reproduction Research, SCISEARCH, Science Citation Index, Scopus
Editor-in-Chief Thomas B. Knudsen, Ph.D. Birth Defects Center, Room 301, University of Louisville, 501 S. Preston Street, Louisville, KY 40202, USA, Fax: +1 919 541 1194, Associate Editors C. Kappen Pennington Biomedical Research Center/Louisiana State University System, Baton Rouge, LA, USA, C. Lau U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Research Triangle Park, NC, USA, M.J. Perry George Washington University, Washington, DC, USA, A.H. Piersma Rijksinstituut voor Volksgezondheid en Milieu (RIVM), Bilthoven, Netherlands, W.S. Webster University of Sydney, Sydney, NSW, Australia, Founding Editor Anthony R. Scialli, M.D. Reproductive Toxicology Center, 2737 Devonshire Place NW, Washington, D.C. 20008-3459, USA, Editorial Board Barbara Abbott Research Triangle Park, NC, USA, Graham Bailey Beerse, Belgium, Stéphane Barbellion Vitry-sur-Seine cedex, France, Paul C. Barrow Saint-Germain sur l'Arbresle, France, Manon Beekhuijzen 's-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands, Nigel A. Brown London, England, UK, Graham Copping UK, Simon Craige Lausanne, Switzerland, Bengt Danielsson Lund, Sweden, Luc De Schaepdrijver Beerse, Belgium, Robert Ellis-Hutchings , Elpida-Niki Emmanouil-Nikoloussi Thessaloniki, Greece, Ali Faqi Mattawan, MI, USA, Suzanne E. Fenton Research Triangle Park, NC, USA, Jodi A. Flaws Urbana, IL, USA, Janee Gelineau-van Waes Omaha, NE, USA, Nina Hallmark Machelen, Belgium, Jason M. Hansen Atlanta, GA, USA, Ulla Hass Søborg, Denmark, Mary Hixon Providence, RI, USA, Alan Hoberman Horsham, PA, USA, Andrew Hotchkiss Research Triangle Park, NC, USA, Karin Hougaard , Wilma Kempinas Botucatu, São Paulo, Brazil, Geertje Lewin , Susan Maier Bethesda, MD, USA, Susan L. Makris Washington, DC, USA, Asher Ornoy Jerusalem, Israel, Deborah Perks Harrogate, North Yorkshire, England, UK, M. Michele Pisano Louisville, KY, USA, Steffen Schneider Ludwigshafen, Germany, Stefan Scholz Leipzig, Germany, Dana Shuey Chadds Ford, PA, USA, Michael K. Skinner Pullman, WA, USA, Mary Alice Smith Athens, GA, USA, Rochelle W. Tyl Research Triangle Park, NC, USA, Tatjana Vergieva Sofia, Bulgaria, Tacey E.K. White Vienna, VA, USA, Louise Winn Kingston, ON, Canada, André Wolterbeek Zeist, Netherlands, Peixin Yang
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