Canadian Journal of Cardiology

Canadian Journal of Cardiology

Journal of the Canadian Cardiovascular Society





Editor-in-Chief:Stanley Nattel, MD, FRCPC, FRSC, FACC, FHRS





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Aims & Scope

The Canadian Journal of Cardiology (CJC) is the official journal of the Canadian Cardiovascular Society (CCS). The CJC is a vehicle for the international dissemination of new knowledge in cardiology and cardiovascular science, particularly serving as the major venue for Canadian cardiovascular medicine.

The CJC publishes original reports of clinical and basic research relevant to cardiovascular medicine, as well as editorials, review articles, and case reports. Papers on health outcomes, policy research, ethics, medical history, and political issues affecting practice, as well as letters to the editor, are welcomed. The CJC accepts and publishes articles in the English language only. Manuscripts are received with the understanding that they are submitted solely to the Canadian Journal of Cardiology and that none of the material contained in the manuscript has been published previously or is under consideration for publication elsewhere, with the exception of abstracts. Redundant or duplicate publications will not be considered. All statements and opinions are the responsibility of the authors. The CCS reserves copyright on all published material, and reproduction of the material, even by the authors, requires written permission. With submission of a manuscript, a letter of transmittal must indicate that all authors have participated in the research and that they have reviewed and agree with the content of the article.


Abstracting and Indexing

CINAHL, Current Contents/Clinical Medicine, Index Medicus, MEDLINE®, Research Alert, SCISEARCH, Science Citation Index
Editor-in-Chief: Stanley Nattel, MD, FRCPC, FRSC, FACC, FHRS Paul-David Chair in Cardiovascular Electrophysiology; Professor of Medicine, University of Montreal, Montreal Heart Institute, Associate Editors: Robert B Beanlands Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, Ross Feldman London, Ontario, Canada, John Floras Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Robert Hegele London, Ontario, Canada, Lyall Higginson Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Andrew Krahn London, Ontario, Canada, Eldon Smith Calgary, Alberta, Canada, David Waters San Francisco, CA, USA, Richard Weisel Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Editor Emeritus: Eldon Smith Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Editorial Board: Gregor Andelfinger Montreal, Quebec, Canada, Todd Anderson Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Malcolm Arnold London, Ontario, Canada, Anita Asgar Montreal, Quebec, Canada, Rabih Azar Beirut, Lebanon, Peter Backx Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Arsene Basmadjian Montréal, Québec, Canada, Olivier Bertrand Québec, Québec, Canada, Michael Borger Leipzig, Germany, Martin Borggrefe Mannheim, Germany, James Brophy Montreal, Quebec, Canada, Mohamed Chahine Quebec, Quebec, Canada, Benjamin Chow Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, Eric Cohen Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Paul Dorian Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Hank Duff Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Jason Dyck Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, Vladimir Dzavik Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Joachim Ehrlich Frankfurt, Germany, John Eikelboom Hamilton, , Ontario, Canada, Ismail El-Hamamsy Montréal, Québec, Canada, Patrick Ellinor Boston, Massachusetts, USA, Paul Fedak Calgary, Alberta, Canada, David Fitchett Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Stephen Fremes Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Matthias Friedrich Montréal, Québec, Canada, Andreas Goette Paderborn, Germany, Michael Gollob Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, Martin Green Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, Gil Gross Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Milan Gupta Gilles, Ontario, Canada, Daniel Hackam London, Ontario, Canada, Robert Hamilton Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Jeff Healey Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, Paul Hendry Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, Jonathan Howlett Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Karin Humphries Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, Stephen J. Nicholls Cleveland, Ohio, USA, David Johnstone Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, Marc Jolicoeur Montréal, Québec, Canada, Katherine Kavanagh Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Paul Khairy Montreal, Quebec, Canada, Lorrie Kirshenbaum Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, Merril Knudtson Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Eric Larose Quebec, Quebec, Canada, Harold Lazar Boston, Massachusetts, USA, Lawrence Leiter Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Howard Leong-poi Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Ren-Ke Li Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Gregory Lip Birmingham, United Kingdom, John Mancini Vancouver, Ontario, Canada, Dante Manyari Surrey, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Colleen Maxwell Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Robert McKelvie Hamilton , Ontario, Canada, William J. McKenna London, United Kingdom, Michael McMurtry Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, Ruth McPherson Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, Evangelos Michelakis Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, Brent Mitchell Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Gordon Moe Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Edward O'Brien Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Erwin Oechslin Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Blair O'Neill Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, Raj Padwal Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, Pierre Pagé Montreal, Quebec, Canada, Tianqing Peng London, Ontario, Canada, Francois Philippon Quebec, Quebec, Canada, Geoffrey Pickering London, Ontario, Canada, Paul Poirier Quebec, Quebec, Canada, P. Timothy Pollak Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Normand Racine Montreal, Quebec, Canada, John Rioux Montreal, Quebec, Canada, Alain Rivard Montreal, Quebec, Canada, Robert Roberts Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, Vincent Robinson Augusta, GA, USA, Dan M. Roden Nashville, Tennessee, USA, David Ross Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, Jean Rouleau Montreal, Quebec, Canada, Frank Sellke Providence, Rhode Island, USA, Leslee Shaw Atlanta, Georgia, USA, O. A. Smiseth Oslo, Norway, O.A. Smiseth Oslo, Norway, Frank Spinale Charleston, South Carolina, USA, Duncan Stewart Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, James Arthur Stone Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Bradley Strauss Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Oliver Strohm Baden-Baden, Ger
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