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Aims & Scope

Our aim is to publish papers of interest to a wide mathematical audience. Our main interest is in expository articles that make high-level research results more widely accessible. In general, material submitted should be at least at the graduate level.Main articles must be written in such a way that a graduate-level research student interested in the topic of the paper can read them profitably. When the topic is quite specialized, or the main focus is a narrow research result, the paper is probably not appropriate for this journal. Most original research articles are not suitable for this journal, unless they have particularly broad appeal.Mathematical notes can be more focused than main articles. These should not simply be short research articles, but should address a mathematical question with reasonably broad appeal. Elementary solutions of elementary problems are typically not appropriate. Neither are overly technical papers, which should best be submitted to a specialized research journal.Clarity of exposition, accuracy of details and the relevance and interest of the subject matter will be the decisive factors in our acceptance of an article for publication. Submitted papers are subject to a quick overview before entering into a more detailed review process. All published papers have been refereed.


Managing Editor Robert C. Dalang Institut de Mathématiques, Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), Station 8, CH-1015 Lausanne, Switzerland, Associate Editors Christian Berg Real functions, measure and integration, potential theory, special functions, approximations and expansions, integral transforms. Copenhagen, Denmark, Liming Ge Functional analysis, operator theory. Beijing, China, and Durham, NH, USA, Ross Geoghegan Topology, group theory and generalisations. Binghamton, NY, USA, Manuel Ojanguren Commutative algebra, quadratic forms, algebraic geometry. Lausanne, Switzerland, Alain Valette K-theory for operator algebras, topological groups, Lie groups, abstract harmonic analysis. Neuchâtel, Switzerland, Editorial Board Srishti D. Chatterji Lausanne, Switzerland, Bas Edixhoven Leiden, The Netherlands, John Friedlander Toronto, Canada, Kristian Seip Trondheim, Norway, Honorary members Sergio Albeverio Bonn, Germany, Pierre Cartier Paris, France, Bent Fuglede Copenhagen, Denmark, Garth Gaudry Sydney, Australia, Richard V. Kadison Philadelphia, PA, USA, Franz Oort Utrecht, The Netherlands, Paulo Ribenboim Kingston, Canada, Veeravalli S. Varadarajan Lie groups and Lie algebras, quantum theory, number theory, ordinary differential equations. Los Angeles, USA, Eduard Zehnder Zurich, Switzerland
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