Auris Nasus Larynx

Auris Nasus Larynx

International Journal of ORL & HNS
The Oto-Rhino-Laryngological Society of Japan, Inc.


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Editor-in-Chief::T. Nakagawa





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Aims & Scope

The international journal Auris Nasus Larynx provides the opportunity for rapid, carefully reviewed publications concerning the fundamental and clinical aspects of otorhinolaryngology and related fields. This includes otology, neurotology, bronchoesophagology, laryngology, rhinology, allergology, head and neck medicine and oncologic surgery, maxillofacial and plastic surgery, audiology, speech science.

Original papers, short communications and original case reports can be submitted. Reviews on recent developments are invited regularly and Letters to the Editor commenting on papers or any aspect of Auris Nasus Larynx are welcomed.

Founded in 1973 and previously published by the Society for Promotion of International Otorhinolaryngology, the journal is now the official English-language journal of the Oto-Rhino-Laryngological Society of Japan, Inc. The aim of its new international Editorial Board is to make Auris Nasus Larynx an international forum for high quality research and clinical sciences.


Otorhinolaryngologists, Head & neck surgeons, Speech & hearing specialists, Body equilibrium & locomotor specialists, Oncologists, Plastic surgeons, Neurologists & neuro-scientists, Immunologists & allergologists, Rehabilitation spec

Abstracting and Indexing

BIOSIS, Current Contents / Clinical Medicine, EMBASE, ENT News, MEDLINE®, NCI Cancerlit Database, OCLC Contents Alert, Scopus, Web of Science
Editor-in-Chief: K. Nibu Kobe, Japan, Deputy Editor: H. Inohara Suita, Japan, Executive Board Members (Editorial): M. Sakagami Nishinomiya, Japan, Senior Editor-in-Chief: M. Sakai Chigasaki, Japan, Editorial Board: A. Hara Tsukuba, Japan, Y. Hisa Kyoto, Japan, J. Ito Kyoto, Japan, H. Kawauchi Izumo, Japan, K. Kitamura Tokyo, Japan, T. Kobayashi Sendai, Japan, I. Koizuka Kawasaki, Japan, Y. Kurono Kagoshima, Japan, H. Moriyama Tokyo, Japan, S. Murakami Nagoya, Japan, T. Nakashima Kurume, Japan, K. Nibu Kobe, Japan, K. Nishizaki Okayama, Japan, K. Omori Fukushima, Japan, M. Sakagami Nishinomiya, Japan, H. Shinkawa Hirosaki, Japan, H. Takenaka Takatsuki, Japan, T. Yagi Tokyo, Japan, K. Yoshino Osaka, Japan, International Editorial Board: K.W. Altman New York, USA, M. Andrea Lisbon, Portugal, T. Baer Cambridge, UK, D. Bargger-Sjoback Stockholm, Sweden, M. Benninger Cleveland, USA, W.F. Bergler Bremen, Germany, G.S. Berke Los Angeles, CA, USA, J.M. Bernstein Getzville, NY, USA, C.R. Bradford Ann Arbor, USA, P. Bretlau Copenhagen, Denmark, A.M. Bronstein London, UK, T.E. Carey Ann Arbor, USA, M.L. Casselbrant Pittsburgh, PA, USA, P. Caye-Thomasen Copenhagen, Denmark, J.G. Colebatch Sydney, Australia, S.H. Dailey Madison, WI, USA, D.W. Eisele San Francisco, CA, USA, W.E. Fee, Jr. Palo Alto, CA, USA, A. Ferlito Udine, Italy, M.J. Gleeson London, UK, H. Goepfert Houston, TX, USA, P. Gullane Toronto, Canada, J.P. Guyot Geneva, Switzerland, R. Hausler Bern, Switzerland, E.H. Huizing Utrecht, The Netherlands, S. Iurato Bari, Italy, Y.J. Jang Seoul, Korea, H.R. Jin Seoul, Korea, A.G. Kerr Belfast, Northern Ireland, C.S. Kim Seoul, Korea, S.W. Kim Seoul, Korea, K.M. Kim Seoul, Korea, C.-H. Kim Seoul, Korea, M.N. Kotby Cairo, Egypt, C.H. Lee Seoul, Korea, S. Maune Kiel, Germany, A.L. Merati Seattle, USA, Y.G. Min Seoul, Korea, R.T. Miyamoto Indianapolis, IN, USA, E.N. Myers Pittsburgh, PA, USA, J. Olofsson Bergen, Norway, O.N. Ozgirgin Ankara, Turkey, I. Pyykkö Tampere, Finland, H. Rask-Andersen Uppsala, Sweden, K.-S. Rha Seoul, Korea, C.-S. Rhee Seoul, Korea, D.H. Rice Los Angeles, CA, USA, A. Rinaldo Udine, Italy, N. Robertson Boston, USA, D.A. Ross New Haven, CT, USA, B. Rousseau Nashville, USA, L.P. Rybak Springfield, IL, USA, C.T. Sasaki New Haven, CT, USA, S.H. Selesnick New York, USA, J.P. Shah New York, USA, P.F. Smith Christchurch, New Zealand, H. Stammberger Graz, Austria, J. Thomsen Copenhagen, Denmark, M. Tos Copenhagen, Denmark, P. Tran Ba Huy Paris, France, P.A. Wackym Milwaukee, WI, USA, D.Y. Wang Singapore, W.I. Wei Pokfulam, Hong Kong, G.S. Weinstein Philadelphia, PA, USA, N.V. Welham Madison, USA, G.E. Woodson Gainesville, FL, USA, Associate Editors: T. Asakage Tokyo, Japan, S. Hirano Kyoto, Japan, A. Horii Osaka, Japan, T. Ikezono Iruma, Japan, T. Ogawa Nagakute, Japan, M. Okano Okayama, Japan, T. Oshima Sendai, Japan, H. Sakaguchi Kyoto, Japan, T. Shimizu Otsu, Japan, M. Suzuki Chiba, Japan, Y. Tokumaru Tokyo, Japan
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