Journal of Hand Surgery (American Volume)

Journal of Hand Surgery (American Volume)

An International Journal Devoted to Surgery of the Upper Extremity





Editor-in-Chief:Brent Graham, MD





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Aims & Scope

The Journal of Hand Surgery publishes original, peer-reviewed articles related to the diagnosis, treatment, and pathophysiology of diseases and conditions of the upper extremity; these include both clinical and basic science studies, along with case reports. Special features include Clinical Perspective articles, Comprehensive Review manuscripts, and Surgical Technique articles that provide an overview of hand surgery, technical aspects of surgery, and current controversial topics.

Beginning in January 2006, the Journal of Hand Surgery will incorporate the Journal of the American Society for Surgery of the Hand.

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Abstracting and Indexing

Editor-in-Chief: Roy A. Meals Los Angeles CA, Review Editor: Ghazi M. Rayan Oklahoma City, OK, Deputy Editors: Kevin C. Chung Ann Arbor, MI, Vincent R. Hentz Palo Alto, CA, Jennifer Moriatis Wolf Farmington, CT, Deputy Review Editors: Donald H. Lee Nashville, TN, David T. Netscher Houston, TX, David C. Ring Boston, MA, Associate Editors Reid A. Abrams San Diego, CA, Julie E. Adam Minneapolis, MN, Mohammad M. Al-Qattan Riyadh, Central, Edward A. Athanasian New York, NY, Marie A. Badalamente Stony Brook, NY, Donald S. Bae Boston, MA, Mark E. Baratz Pittsburgh, PA, Mark E. Baratz Pittsburgh, PA, Pedro K. Beredjiklian Philadelphia, PA, Pedro K. Beredjiklian Philadelphia, PA, Kyle D. Bickel San Francisco, CA, Randip R. Bindra Maywood, IL, Jeffrey E. Budoff Houston, TX, Jeffrey E. Budoff Houston,TX, Ryan Calfee St. Louis, MO, Louis W. Catalano III New York, NY, James Chang Stanford, CA, A. Bobby Chhabra Charlottesville, VA, Mark S. Cohen Chicago, IL, Stephen Colbert Columbia, MO, Catherine Curtin Palo Alto, CA, Aaron Daluiski New York, NY, A. Lee Dellon Baltimore, MD, David G. Dennison Rochester, MN, Emil Dionysian Anaheim, CA, Gregory A. Dumanian Chicago, IL, Marybeth Ezak Dallas TX, Marc Garcia-Elias Barcelona, Spain, Guenter Germann Ludwigshafen, Germany, Ali Ghiassi Los Angeles, CA, Robert Goitz Pittsburgh, PA, Charles A. Goldfarb St. Louis, MO, Jeffrey A. Greenberg Indianapolis, IN, Jeffrey A. Greenberg Indianapolis, IN, Ruby Grewal London, Ontario, Canada, Douglas P. Hanel Seattle, WA, Neil G. Harness Orange, CA, Mark H. Henry Houston, TX, Daniel B. Herren Zurich, Switzerland, Guillaume Herzberg Lyon, France, Jerry I. Huang Seattle, WA, Marco Innocenti Firenze, Italy, Peter J.L. Jebson Grand Rapids, MI, Wally Jones Redmond, WA, Robert A Kaufmann Pittsburgh, PA, Graham J.W. King London, Ontario, Canada, Lewis B. Lane Manhasset, NY, Steve K. Lee New York, NY, Fraser J. Leversedge Durham, NC, L. Scott Levin Philadelphia, PA, John D Lubahn Erie, PA, John A. McAuliffe Fort Lauderdale, FL, Michael McClinton Lutherville, MD, Gregory Merrell Indianapolis, IN, Scott Mitchell Los Angeles, CA, Peter M. Murray Jacksonville, FL, Nash Naam Effingham, IL, Sanjiv H. Naidu Hershey, PA, Christine Novak Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Robert Orfaly Portand, OR, Kagan Ozer Ann Arbor, MI, Rita Patterson Fort Worth, TX, William C. Pederson San Antonio, TX, Craig S. Phillips Chicago, IL, Marco J.P.F. Ritt Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Craig M. Rodner Farmington, CT, Tamara D. Rozental Boston, MA, David S. Ruch Durham, NC, S. Raja Sabapathy Coimbatore, India, Kulvinder Sachar Denver, CO, John Gray Seiler, III Atlanta, GA, Eon K. Shin Philadelphia, PA, Walter H. Short Syracuse, NY, Gordon M. Singer Jerusalem, Israel, Dean G. Sotereanos Pittsburgh, PA, Panayotis N. Soucacos Athens, Greece, Scott P. Steinmann Rochester, MN, Robert J. Strauch New York, NY, Amir Taghinia Boston, MA, Jin Bo Tang Nantong, China, E. Bruce Toby Kansas City, KS, Ann E. Van Heest Minneapolis, MN, Nicholas B. Vedder Seattle, WA, Arnold-Peter C. Weiss Providence, RI, Thomas W. Wright, Jr. Gainesville, FL, David S. Zelouf King of Prussia, PA, ASSH Journal Advisory Group: James Chang Palo Alto, CA, Scott H. Kozin Philadelphia, PA, Alexander Shin Rochester, MN, Editorial Offices The Journal of Hand Surgery American Society for Surgery of the Hand, 822 West Washington Boulevard, Chicago, IL 60607
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