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Aims & Scope

Brain and Cognition is a forum for the integration of the neurosciences and cognitive sciences. B&C publishes peer-reviewed research articles, theoretical papers, case histories that address important theoretical issues, and historical articles into the interaction between cognitive function and brain processes. The focus is on rigorous studies of an empirical or theoretical nature and which make an original contribution to our knowledge about the involvement of the nervous system in cognition. Coverage includes, but is not limited to memory, learning, emotion, perception, movement, music or praxis in relationship to brain structure or function. Published articles will typically address issues relating some aspect of cognitive function to its neurological substrates with clear theoretical import, formulating new hypotheses or refuting previously established hypotheses. Clinical papers are welcome if they raise issues of theoretical importance or concern and shed light on the interaction between brain function and cognitive function. We welcome review articles that clearly contribute a new perspective or integration, beyond summarizing the literature in the field; authors of review articles should make explicit where the contribution lies. We also welcome proposals for special issues on aspects of the relation between cognition and the structure and function of the nervous system. Such proposals can be made directly to the Editor-in-Chief from individuals interested in being guest editors for such collections.

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Abstracting and Indexing

Current Contents/Social & Behavioral Sciences, Index to Scientific Reviews, PsycINFO Psychological Abstracts, Scopus, Social Sciences Citation Index
Editor S. Segalowitz Brock University, St. Catharines, ON, Canada, Associate Editors H. Cohen Dept. of Linguistics, Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology, 6 Deutscher Platz, 0341 35500 Leipzig, Germany, P. Snyder The Warren Alpert Medical School, Brown University, Providence, USA, Action Editors S. Christman Toledo, OH, USA, P. Corballis Atlanta, GA, USA, C. Fiebach Frankfurt am Main, Germany, A. Friederici Leipzig, Germany, R.C. Gur Philadelphia, PA, USA, G.B.C. Hall Hamilton, ON, Canada, M. Hausmann Durham, UK, J. Hellige Los Angeles, CA, USA, R. J. Itier Waterloo, ON, Canada, C. Klein Bangor, UK, M. Luciana Minneapolis, MN, USA, A. Mecklinger Saarbrücken, Germany, S. Nieuwenhuis Leiden, Netherlands, S.M. Resnick Baltimore, MD, USA, R. Rumiati Trieste, Italy, V. Samar Rochester, NY, USA, B. Stemmer Montreal, QC, Canada, L. Trainor Hamilton, ON, Canada, M. Ullsperger Magdeburg, Germany, Editorial Board K. Arnell St. Catherines, ON, Canada, S. Berenbaum University Park, PA, USA, C. Chiarello Tucson, AZ, USA, J.L. Cummings Los Angeles, CA, USA, J. Dywan Toronto, ON, Canada, M. Freedman Toronto, ON, Canada, G. Frishkoff Milwaukee, WI, USA, B. Gordon Baltimore, MD, USA, K. L. Gunther Crawfordsville, IN, USA, G. Hajcak Stony Brook, USA, L. Harris East Lansing, MI, USA, K. Heilman Gainsville, FL, USA, M. Herbert Rochester, NY, USA, M. Liotti Burnaby, BC, Canada, P. Maruff Melbourne, Australia, J.B. Mattingley St Lucia, Australia, J. Polich La Jolla, USA, C. Porac Erie, PA, USA, S. Rao Cleveland, OH, USA, B. Rossion Louvain-La-Neuve, Belgium, L.A. Schmidt Hamilton, ON, Canada, X. Seron Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium, D.T. Stuss Toronto, ON, Canada, A. Tröster Phoenix, AZ, USA, C. Umilta Padova, Italy, M. Verfaellie Boston, MA, USA, G. Winocur Toronto, ON, Canada, Founding Editor H.A. Whitaker Ph.D.
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