Journal of Hospital Infection

Journal of Hospital Infection

The Official Journal of the Healthcare Infection Society





Editor:J Child





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Aims & Scope

The Journal of Hospital Infection is the official scientific publication of the Healthcare Infection Society. The Editor invites original papers, leading articles and correspondence in English, on all aspects of hospital infection as well as reviews on subjects of current interest. The journal seeks to promote collaboration between the many disciplines in infection control in different countries resulting in multidisciplinary and international coverage of the latest developments in this crucial area.

Research areas include but are not limited to:

  • Outbreak prevention in hospital or community settings
  • Healthcare-associated infection surveillance
  • Methods of prevention of healthcare-associated infection
  • Prevention of infection in immunosuppressed patients
  • Infection hazards associated with medical devices
  • Role of medical equipment in healthcare-associated infection
  • Disinfection and sterilization
  • Cleaning, environmental contamination and its surveillance
  • Management of clinical waste
  • Laboratory diagnostics in relation to infection prevention and control
  • Use of antibiotic prophylaxis in infection prevention
  • Use of IT systems in infection surveillance
  • Design of hospitals and healthcare premises
  • Infection hazards associated with critical care units, or other specific healthcare departments


Abstracting and Indexing

Editor: J. Child Journal of Hospital Infection, 162 King's Cross Road, London, WC1X 9DH, Deputy Editor J. Gray Birmingham, Editorial Coordinator: N. Atherton Journal of Hospital Infection, 162 King's Cross Road, London, WC1X 9DH, Assistant Editors: J. Bates Worthing, R. Cooke Liverpool, S.J. Dancer Glasgow, S. Dawson Swindon, M.C. Donati Bristol, A. Guyot Guildford, P.N. Hoffman London, H. Humphreys Dublin, T Inkster Glasgow, P. Jumaa Birmingham, C. Mackintosh Wirral, G. McDonnell Basingstoke, B. Oppenheim Birmingham, J. Otter London, S. Schelenz Norwich, P. Shears Wirral, A. Smith Glasgow, J. Stephenson Surrey, J. Stockley Worcester, C. Tarrant Leicester, E.L. Teare Chelmsford, A.M. Walker Pentraeth, Correspondence: G.D. Corcoran Cork, Reviews Editor: K.G. Kerr Harrogate, Editorial Advisory Board: B. Duerden Chepstow, A.P. Fraise Birmingham, M.J. Gill Birmingham, J. Gray Birmingham, A. Holmes London, H. Humphreys Dublin, P. Jenks Plymouth, G. Kampf Hamburg, K. Kerr Harrogate, M. Morgan Exeter, B. Newsom Cambridge, N. Saunders London, A.M. Walker Pentraeth, M. Wilcox Leeds
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