Radiotherapy & Oncology

Radiotherapy & Oncology

Journal of the European Society for Radiotherapy and Oncology and affiliated to the Canadian Association of Radiation Oncology.

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Co-Editors-in-Chief:M. Baumann





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Aims & Scope

Radiotherapy and Oncology publishes papers describing original research as well as review articles. It covers areas of interest relating to radiation oncology. This includes: clinical radiotherapy, combined modality treatment, experimental work in radiobiology, chemobiology, hyperthermia and tumour biology, as well as physical aspects relevant to oncology, particularly in the field of imaging, dosimetry and radiation therapy planning.

Papers on more general aspects of interest to the radiation oncologist including chemotherapy, surgery and immunology are also published. Papers are accepted on a worldwide basis.

Editorial Office:
Radiotherapy and Oncology Secretariat, Professor Jens Overgaard, M.D., Danish Cancer Society, Department of Experimental and Clinical Oncology, Aarhus University Hospital, Building 5, Norrebrogade 44, DK 8000 Aarhus C, DENMARK (Tel: +45 89 49 26 29; Fax: +45 86 19 71 09; email: ro@oncology.dk).


Radiotherapists, Clinical Cancer Researchers, Radiation Oncologists, Medical Physicists.

Abstracting and Indexing

Chemical Abstracts, Current Contents/Clinical Medicine, EMBASE, Elsevier BIOBASE, MEDLINE®, Scopus
Editor-in-Chief: J. Overgaard Aarhus, Denmark, Past Editors: E. van der Schueren Leuven, Belgium, H. Bartelink Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Editors (Clinical): M. Baumann Dresden, Germany, P. Hoskin Northwood, UK, E. Lartigau Lille, France, R. Pötter Vienna, Austria, Editors (Physics): D. Thwaites Sydney, Australia, L.P. Muren (Assistant Physics Editor) Aarhus, Denmark, Editor (Biology): A. J. van der Kogel Nijmegen, The Netherlands, Editorial Board: R. P. Abratt Cape Town, South Africa, K. K. Ang Houston, TX, USA, A. C. Begg Amsterdam, The Netherlands, S.M. Bentzen Madison, WI, USA, S. Bodis Zurich, Switzerland, M. Bolla Grenoble, France, T. Bortfeld Boston, MA, USA, J. Bourhis Villejuif, France, M. Brada London, UK, R. G. Bristow Toronto, ON, Canada, V. Budach Berlin, Germany, F. A. Calvo Madrid, Spain, N. Coleman Bethesda, MD, USA, J. M. Cosset Paris, France, J. D. Cox Houston, TX, USA, B. J. Cummings Toronto, ON, Canada, O. Dahl Bergen, Norway, J. Debus Heidelberg, Germany, J. Denham Waratah, Australia, D. De Ruysscher Maastricht, The Netherlands, W. Dörr Vienna, Austria, G. Duchesne Melbourne, Australia, C. Fiorino Milan, Italy, D. Georg Vienna, Austria, B. Glimelius Uppsala, Sweden, C. Grau Aarhus, Denmark, V. Grégoire Brussels, Belgium, J. Harris Boston, MA, USA, K. Haustermans Leuven, Belgium, B.J. Heijmen Rotterdam, The Netherlands, M. Hiraoka Kyoto, Japan, J. Cl. Horiot Dijon, France, J. Jaal Tartu, Estonia, J. Jassem Gdansk, Poland, J. H. M. Kaanders Nijmegen, The Netherlands, T. Knöös Lund, Sweden, M. Krause Dresden, Germany, T. Kron Melbourne, Australia, P. Lambin Heerlen, The Netherlands, J.A. Langendijk Groningen, The Netherlands, A. Lee Hong Kong, China, J. W. H. Leer Nijmegen, The Netherlands, D. Lefkopoulos Villejuif, France, C.C. Ling New York, NY, USA, B. Maciejewski Gliwice, Poland, B. J. Mijnheer Amsterdam, The Netherlands, M. Molls Munich, Germany, D. R. Olsen Oslo, Norway, B. O'Sullivan Toronto, Canada, L. J. Peters Melbourne, Vic, Australia, P. Poortmans Tilburg, The Netherlands, H. P. Rodemann Tübingen, Germany, F. Sanchez-Doblado Seville, Spain, R. Sarin Mumbai, India, M. Saunders Northwood, UK, P. Scalliet Brussels, Belgium, H. D. Suit Boston, MA, USA, I. Tannock Toronto, ON, Canada, H. Thames Houston, TX, USA, W. Tome New York, NY, USA, I. Turesson Uppsala, Sweden, V. Valentini Rome, Italy, M. Verheij Amsterdam, The Netherlands, D. Vordermark Halle, Germany, B.G. Wouters Maastricht, The Netherlands, D. Zips Dresden, Germany
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