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Aims & Scope

Statistics & Probability Letters adopts a novel and highly innovative approach to the publication of research findings in statistics and probability. It features concise articles, rapid publication and broad coverage of the statistics and probability literature.

Statistics & Probability Letters is a refereed journal. Articles will be limited to six journal pages (13 double-space typed pages) including references and figures. Apart from the six-page limitation, originality, quality and clarity will be the criteria for choosing the material to be published in Statistics & Probability Letters. Every attempt will be made to provide the first review of a submitted manuscript within three months of submission.

The proliferation of literature and long publication delays have made it difficult for researchers and practitioners to keep up with new developments outside of, or even within, their specialization. The aim of Statistics & Probability Letters is to help to alleviate this problem. Concise communications (letters) allow readers to quickly and easily digest large amounts of material and to stay up-to-date with developments in all areas of statistics and probability.

The mainstream of Letters will focus on new statistical methods, theoretical results, and innovative applications of statistics and probability to other scientific disciplines. Key results and central ideas must be presented in a clear and concise manner. These results may be part of a larger study that the author will submit at a later time as a full length paper to SPL or to another journal. Theory and methodology may be published with proofs omitted, or only sketched, but only if sufficient support material is provided so that the findings can be verified. Empirical and computational results that are of significant value will be published. We also plan to publish applications and case studies that demonstrate a novel use of existing techniques or have interesting innovative ideas about data collection, modelling or inference.


Researchers using statistics and probability theory

Abstracting and Indexing

Pascal, Science Citation Index, Scopus, Zentralblatt MATH
Editors: H.L. Koul Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI, USA, Y. Xiao Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI, USA, Founding Editor: R.A. Johnson University of Wisconsin at Madison, Madison, WI, USA, Associate Editors: S.E. Ahmed University of Windsor, Windsor, ON, Canada, S. Basu Northern Illinois University, DeKalb, IL, USA, A. Biswas Indian Statistical Institute, Calcutta, India, P. Burman University of California at Davis, Davis, CA, USA, T.C. Christofides University of Cyprus, Nicosia, Cyprus, B.S. Clarke University of Miami, Miami, FL, USA, F. Coquet Ensai Campus de Ker Laan, Bruz Cedex, France, M. Daniels University of Florida, Gainesville, FL, USA, S. Datta University of Louisville, Louisville, KY, USA, M.A. Delgado Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Getafe (Madrid), Spain, H. Dette Ruhr-University Bochum, Bochum, Germany, K. Fokianos University of Cyprus, Nicosia, Cyprus, E. Hashorva Université de Lausanne, Lausanne, Switzerland, S.R. Jammalmadaka University of California at Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara, CA, USA, E. Khmaladze Victoria University of Wellington, Wellington, New Zealand, L. Li University of New Hampshire, Durham, NH, USA, A. Lindner TU Braunschweig, Braunschweig, Germany, D. Marinucci Università di Roma "Tor Vergata", Roma, Italy, U.U. Müller Texas A&M University, College Station, TX, USA, A.K. Nanda IISER Kolkata, Mohanpur, Nadia, India, Y. Nikitin St.Petersburg University, Petrodvorets, Russian Federation, I. Nourdin Université de Lorraine, Vandoeuvre-lès-Nancy, France, D. Nualart University of Kansas, Lawrence, KS, USA, H. Oja University of Tampere, Tampere, Finland, Y. Omori University of Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan, D. Paindaveine Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB), Bruxelles, Belgium, J. Paulsen University of Copenhagen, Copenhagen, Denmark, S.D. Peddada Research Triangle Park, NC, USA, L. Peng Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA, USA, M. Pourahmadi Northern Illinois University, DeKalb, IL, USA, D.St.P. Richards Penn State University, University Park, PA, USA, M. Scarsini Libera Università Int. degli Studi Sociali (LUISS), Roma, Italy, A. Schick State University of New York (SUNY) at Binghamton, New York, NY, USA, T. Schmidt Technische Universität Chemnitz, Chemnitz, Germany, W. Song Kansas State University, Manhattan, KS, USA, P. Soulier Universite Paris Ouest, Nanterre, France, P. Vellaisamy IIT Bombay, Powai, Mumbai, India, P. Vieu Université Paul Sabatier (Toulouse), Toulouse, Cedex 9, France, M. Yang University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC), Chicago, IL, USA, S. Yang Lung and Blood Institute Bethesda, Bethesda, MD, USA, X. Yin University of Georgia, Athens, GA, USA
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