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Aims & Scope

The Journal of Microbiological Methods publishes scholarly and original articles, notes and review articles. These articles must include novel and/or state-of-the-art methods, or significant improvements to existing methods. Novel and innovative applications of current methods that are validated and useful will also be published. JMM strives for scholarship, innovation and excellence. This demands scientific rigour, the best available methods and technologies, correctly replicated experiments/tests, the inclusion of proper controls, calibrations, and the correct statistical analysis. The presentation of the data must support the interpretation of the method/approach.

All aspects of microbiology are covered, except virology. These include agricultural microbiology, applied and environmental microbiology, bioassays, bioinformatics, biotechnology, biochemical microbiology, clinical microbiology, diagnostics, food monitoring and quality control microbiology, microbial genetics and genomics, geomicrobiology, microbiome methods regardless of habitat, high through-put sequencing methods and analysis, microbial pathogenesis and host responses, metabolomics, metagenomics, metaproteomics, microbial ecology and diversity, microbial physiology, microbial ultra-structure, microscopic and imaging methods, molecular microbiology, mycology, novel mathematical microbiology and modelling, parasitology, plant-microbe interactions, protein markers/profiles, proteomics, pyrosequencing, public health microbiology, radioisotopes applied to microbiology, robotics applied to microbiological methods,rumen microbiology, microbiological methods for space missions and extreme environments, sampling methods and samplers, soil and sediment microbiology, transcriptomics, veterinary microbiology, sero-diagnostics and typing/identification.

The editors, editorial board members and scholarly reviewers are active scientists with an immense amount of collective experience that is used during the review and revision stages of articles. We encourage the submission of proposals for scholarly reviews and specials issues on emerging microbiological methods that are central to advancing microbiological knowledge. We look forward to receiving your proposals and articles.

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All microbiologists, biotechnologists, and geneticists

Abstracting and Indexing

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Editor-in-Chief: A. Fox Dept. of Pathology, Microbiology, and Immunology School of Medicine, University of South Carolina, 6439 Garners Ferry Road, Columbia, SC 29208, USA, For General inquiries contact Judy Howard, Editorial Coordinator J. Howard Columbia, SC, USA, Editors: , Manuscripts can be submitted to any of the 3 Editors M.J. Bailey Natural Environment Research Council, Oxfordshire, UK, V. Gurtler RMIT University, Bundoora, VIC, Australia, J.T. Trevors Guelph, ON, Canada, Editorial Board: J.M. Barbaree Auburn, AL, USA, S.W. Bearden Fort Collins, CO, USA, A. Bej Birmingham, AL, USA, W.H. Benjamin Birmingham, AL, USA, B. Brehm-Stecher Ames, IA, USA, E. Breitschwerdt Raleigh, NC, USA, R.S. Burlage Milwaukee, WI, USA, H.J. Busscher Groningen, Netherlands, M. Calcutt Columbia, MO, USA, V. Catalan Alicante, Spain, F.R. Champlin Tulsa, OK, USA, T. Coenye Gent, Belgium, K.L. Cook Bowling Green, KY, USA, P.W. Coschigano Athens, OH, USA, D. Daffonchio Milano, Italy, N. Decaro Valenzano (Bari), Italy, D. Dong Shanghai, China, M. Elshahed Stillwater, OK, USA, R.H. Findlay Tuscaloosa, AL, USA, P.E. Fournier Marseille, France, K. Fox Colombia, SC, USA, H. Geng Baltimore, MD, USA, D. Grando Bundoora, VIC, Australia, N. Gray Newcastle Upon Tyne, England, UK, J.B. Guckert Cincinnati, OH, USA, M.E. Hart Jefferson, AR, USA, J. Higgins Beltsville, MD, USA, E.S. Kaneshiro Cincinnati, OH, USA, D.R. Korber Saskatoon, Canada, M.P. Kozar Silver Spring, MD, USA, G.A. Köhler Tulsa, OK, USA, H-C. Lai Taipei, Taiwan, ROC, L. Larsson Lund, Sweden, P. Lau Montreal, QC, Canada, J.R. Lawrence Saskatoon, SK, Canada, J.O. Lay Fayetteville, AR, USA, K.P. Leung Great Lakes, IL, USA, L. Lindler Silver Spring, MD, USA, M. McLaughlin Mississippi State, MS, MS, USA, M. Minnick Missoula, MT, USA, S. Mitarai , H. Monstein Linköping, Sweden, D. Naumann Berlin, Germany, H.J. Nelis Gent, Belgium, T. Neu MAGDEBURG, Germany, P.A. Noble Seattle, WA, USA, R.C. Novais Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, A. Ogram Gainesville, FL, USA, C.R. Osorio Santiago de Compostela, Spain, O.A. Oyarzabal Lake Forest Park, WA, USA, R.J. Palmer, Jr. Bethesda, MD, USA, M. A. Patrauchan Stillwater, OK, USA, C. Pavia Old Westbury, NY, USA, M. Prieto León, Spain, D. Ren Rochester, NY, USA, M. Ridell Göteborg, Sweden, J.R. Rose Columbia, SC, USA, R.F. Schell Madison, WI, USA, L. Schena Reggio Calabria, Italy, D. Schofield Charleston, SC, USA, R. Seviour Melbourne (Bundoora), VIC, Australia, H.M. Shapiro West Newton, MA, USA, G.C. Stewart Columbia, MO, USA, L. Suh Auburn, AL, USA, R. Tenreiro Lisboa, Portugal, E. Trees Atlanta, GA, USA, M.W.J. van Passel Wageningen, Netherlands, K. Waites Birmingham, AL, USA, A. Whiteley Oxford, UK, J. Whittum-Hudson Detroit, MI, USA, J. Withey Detroit, MI, USA, D. Wunschel Richland, WA, USA, Y. Yang Beltsville, MD, USA, Founding Editors: D.C. White†
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