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Aims & Scope

The Core Journals provide the reader with abstracts of clinical articles published in the world's best journals in the chosen speciality field. Studies have shown that 80℅ of the most important information on a subject generally appears in less than 20℅ of the specialist journals. These journals were objectively chosen after extensive studies to ensure a selection of journals emphasizing new diagnostic and therapeutic findings. International Editorial Advisory Boards for each subject area monitor the coverage and scope in order to maintain the market orientation of the series.

Each issue contains abstracts of selected clinical articles from the 10-14 most important international specialist journals in the field plus a Coreview which includes summaries of relevant clinical papers selected by the Editors from the following five important general medical journals:

• The New England Journal of Medicine

• The Journal of the American Medical Association

• The Lancet

• British Medical Journal

• Annals of Internal Medicine

Monthly publication permits the publication of an abstracted article in Core Journals 5 weeks after arrival of the journal in Amsterdam. This makes Core Journals one of the fastest current awareness services in the world.


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