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General Hospital Psychiatry

General Hospital Psychiatry

Psychiatry, Medicine and Primary Care





Editor-in-Chief::Wayne J. Katon, MD





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Aims & Scope

General Hospital Psychiatry explores the many linkages among psychiatry, medicine, and primary care. In emphasizing a biopsychosocial approach to illness and health, the journal provides a forum for professionals with clinical, academic, and research interests in psychiatry's role in the mainstream of medicine.

The journal expands on traditional models of consultation-liaison, inpatient and outpatient services in the general hospital to address all aspects of ambulatory, inpatient, emergency, and community care. In response to the unpredictable nature of contemporary life, the journal explores the role of emergency psychiatry in addressing personal, social, political, and forensic responses to stress and trauma. Studies of multisystem relationships between stress, illness, psychosocial factors, inter- and intra-personal relationships, family dynamics, ecological change, and institutional forces are especially relevant to the journal's objectives.

General Hospital Psychiatry will publish original articles, case reports and brief communications on: biopsychosocial approaches to medicine; liaison-consultation psychiatry; psychosomatic medicine; emergency and crisis psychiatry; the relationship of psychiatric services to general medical systems; and new directions in medical education that stress psychiatry's role in primary care, family practice, and continuing education.


Psychiatrists, General and Family Practitioners, Internists, Nurses, Pharmacologists, Psychologists and Health Care Para-Professionals.

Abstracting and Indexing

BIOSIS, Cumulative Index to Nursing and Allied Health Literature, Current Contents, EMBASE, MEDLINE®, PsycINFO Psychological Abstracts, Scopus
Editor-in-Chief: Wayne J. Katon, MD University of Washington Medical School, Dept. of Psychiatry, Seattle, WA, USA, Founding Editor: Don R. Lipsitt Cambridge, MA, USA, Senior Staff Editor: Michelle Templeton Seattle, WA, USA, Associate Editors: J. M. Bostwick Rochester, MN, USA, R. Carney St. Louis, MO, U SA, L. Chwastiak Seattle, WA, USA, A. Diefenbacher Berlin, Germany, B. Druss Atlanta, GA, USA, C. Engel Bethesda, MD, USA, P. Fink Aarhus C, Denmark, L. Ganzini Portland, OR, USA, M. Hollifield Albuquerque, NM, USA, K. Ismail London, England, D. Katzelnick Madison, WI, USA, D. Kissane New York, NY, USA, J. Levenson Richmond, VA, USA, R. Maunder Toronto, Canada, M. Olfson New York, NY, USA, B. Rollman Pittsburgh, PA, USA, S. M. Saravay Roslyn Heights, NY, USA, A. Saxon Seattle, WA, USA, M. Sharpe Edinburgh, Scotland, G. Simon Seattle, WA, USA, T. Stern Boston, MA, USA, D. E. Stewart Toronto, Canada, J. J. Strain New York, NY, USA, P. T. Trzepacz Indianapolis, IN, USA, M. Valenstein Ann Arbor, MI, USA, B. Woo Los Angeles, CA, USA, L. Wulsin Cincinnati, OH, USA, K. Yonkers New Haven, CT, USA, L. Zun Chicago, IL, USA, Special Section Editors: M. H. Allen Emergency Psychiatry, Denver, CO, USA, M. Sullivan Law, Ethics and Psychiatry, Seattle, WA, USA, J. Unützer Psychiatry and Primary Care, Seattle, WA, USA, D. Ford Psychiatric-Medical Comorbidity, Baltimore, MD, USA, K. Kroenke Symptom Research, Indianapolis, IN, USA
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