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Aims & Scope

Historically, child protection has been commonly perceived to be a matter of concern to professionals in specialized social service, health, mental health, and justice systems. However, Child Abuse & Neglect: The International Journal also welcomes contributors and readers interested in children's safety in the settings of everyday life - homes, day care centers, schools, playgrounds, youth clubs, health clinics, places of worship, and so forth. Child Abuse & Neglect also invites the engagement of other social scientists (e.g., anthropologists, economists, historians, planners, political scientists, and sociologists) and humanists (e.g., ethicists, legal scholars, political theorists, and theologians) whose studies may contribute to an understanding of (a) the evolution of concepts of - and strategies for - child protection and (b) the responsibilities of individual adults and the institutions of which they are a part to ensure children's safety and their humane care.

Limited by neither geography, profession, nor setting, the readers of Child Abuse & Neglect have diverse education, experience, interests, and needs for information. Accordingly, the journal seeks the expression of authors' ideas and their empirical findings clearly and cogently, so that articles are accessible to a broad audience. The journal also expects authors to approach problems of child abuse and neglect with a level of care commensurate with the fundamental importance of children's rights to the protection of their personal security, the promotion of their sense of dignity, and the assurance of love and respect in the relationships most important to them.

Toward those ends, Child Abuse & Neglect invites research and commentary on the following topics, among others:

•the conditions that foster or threaten children's safety and sense of personal security in their homes and other settings of everyday life;

•the conditions that enable or hinder parents', extended family members', other caregivers', and other community members' efforts to ensure children's personal security;

•programs and practices to facilitate children's protection from harms or wrongs, their recovery from violations of their personal security, or both;

•community, societal, and international systems to promote children's safety, enhance the quality of their care, and/or facilitate the mitigation of harms and wrongs that they may suffer;

•children's, parents', and other caregivers' own experiences, attitudes, and beliefs in regard to all of these topics.

Child Abuse & Neglect recognizes that child protection is a global concern and that the state of the art continues to evolve. Accordingly, the journal is intended to be useful to scholars, policymakers, concerned citizens, and professional practitioners in countries that are diverse in wealth, culture, and the nature of their formal child protection system. Thus Child Abuse & Neglect welcomes contributions grounded in the traditions of particular cultures and settings. However, international and cross-cultural studies and commentary are of special interest.


Includes but is not limited to: Economists, Historians, Planners, Political Scientists, Ethicists, Legal Scholars, Political Theorists, Theologians Psychologists, Lawyers, Psychiatrists, Nurses, Social Workers, Sociologists, Public Health Workers, Law E

Abstracting and Indexing

ASSIA, Adolescent Mental Health Abstracts, Caredata, Child Development Abstracts and Bibliography, Criminal Justice Abstracts, Current Contents/Social & Behavioral Sciences, Current Index to Journals in Education, EMBASE, ERA (Educational Research Abstracts Online), ERIC, Except Child Educ Abstr, MEDLINE®, PASCAL/CNRS, PsycINFO Psychological Abstracts, PsycLIT, Research Alert, Scopus, Social Work Research & Abstracts, Sociological Abstracts
Editor-in-Chief David Wolfe Psychology & Psychiatry, CAMH Centre for Prevention Science, University of Toronto, Suite 100 - 100 Collip Cir, London, N6G 4X8, Canada, Managing Editor M. Roth Editorial Office, Child Abuse and Neglect, The International Journal, 220 Mansion Road, Cheshire, CT 06410-3404, USA, Senior Associate Editors V. Banyard Durham, NH, USA, A. Litrownik La Mesa, CA, USA, K. Oates Sydney, NSW, Australia, C. Rodriguez Greensboro, NC, USA, Associate Editors , Practical Strategies Editor: C. Wekerle McMaster University, Hamilton, ON, Canada, Statistics Editor: D. Chiodo University of Western Ontario, London, ON, Canada, At-Large Editors: D. Finkelhor Durham, NH, USA, M. Haj-Yahia Jerusalem, Israel, D. Jones Headington, Oxford, UK, P. Lachman London, UK, M. Lamb Behtesda, MD, USA, R. Roylance Brisbane, QLD, Australia, Founding Editor C. Henry Kempe , Past Editors-in-Chief R. Helfer , R.D. Krugman , Consulting Editor J. Leventhal , Editorial Board R. Ammerman Cincinnati, USA, K. Becker-Blease Corvallis, OR, USA, R. Benbenishty Ramat Gan, Israel, C.D. Berkowitz Torrance, CA, USA, L. Berliner Seattle, WA, USA, S. Bishop-Josef New Haven, CT, USA, B. Bonner Oklahoma City, OK, USA, P. Britner Storres, CT, USA, M. Chaffin Oklahoma City, OK, USA, C. Coohey Iowa City, IA, USA, J. de Paul San Sebastian, Spain, S. Dube Atlanta, GA, USA, H. Dubowitz Baltimore, MD, USA, F. Erkman Istanbul, Turkey, S. Hamby Laurinburg, NC, USA, M.E. Haskett Raleigh, NC, USA, I. Intebi San Sebastian, Spain, L. Jones Durham, NH, USA, K. Lalor Dublin, Ireland, F. Lamers-Winkleman Vrije, Netherlands, W.G. Lane Baltimore, MD, USA, Y. Lee Seoul, South Korea, H. MacMillan Hamilton, ON, Canada, K. McCurdy Kingston, RI, USA, W. McGuigan Sharon, PA, USA, S. McNary Baltimore, MD, USA, M. O'Connor Richmond, VA, USA, F. Putnam Cincinnati, OH, USA, K. Sandnabba Turku, Finland, R. Thompson Chicago, IL, USA, A.C. Tishelman Boston, MA, USA, K. Tyler Lincoln, NE, USA, W. Wagner Hattiesburg, MS, USA, J. Worling Toronto, ON, Canada
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