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Aims & Scope

An Official Publication of: The Transplantation Society, The Hellenic Transplantation Society, The Scandinavian Transplantation Society, The Transplantation Society of Latin America and the Caribbean, The Catalan Transplantation Society, The Asian Transplantation Society, The Middle East Society for Organ Transplantation, The French Speaking Society of Transplantation, The International Pancreas and Islet Transplant Association, The Polish Transplantation Society, The Turkish Transplantation Society, The Portuguese Transplantation Society, The Brazilian Transplantation Society, The Andalusian Transplantation Society, The Chilean Transplantation Society, The Italian Transplantation Society, The German Transplantation Society, The Luso-Brazilian Transplantation Society, The International Society of Organ Donation and Procurement, The Liver Anesthesia and Intensive Care Society, The Madrid Transplantation Society, The Belgian Transplantation Society, The International Society of Small Bowel Transplantation, The International Hand and Composite Tissue Allotransplantation Society, The American Society for Reconstructive Transplantation, The Spanish Liver Transplantation Society, and the The Hungarian Transplantation Society.

Aims and Scope:
Transplantation Proceedings publishes several different categories of manuscripts, all of which undergo extensive peer review by recognized authorities in the field prior to their acceptance for publication.

The first type of manuscripts consists of sets of papers providing an in-depth expression of the current state of the art in various rapidly developing components of world transplantation biology and medicine. These manuscripts emanate from congresses of the affiliated transplantation societies, from Symposia sponsored by the Societies, as well as special Conferences and Workshops covering related topics.

Transplantation Proceedings also publishes several special sections including publication of Clinical Transplantation Proceedings, being rapid original contributions of preclinical and clinical experiences. These manuscripts undergo review by members of the Editorial Board.


Abstracting and Indexing

Editor-in-Chief: Barry D. Kahan, PhD, MD Houston, TX, USA, Managing Editor: Bernadette Johnson Transplantation Proceedings, 9821 Katy Freeway, Suite 180, Houston, TX 77024, USA, Founding Editor: (1969 to 2001) F. T. Rapaport, MD Stony Brook, NY, USA, Editorial Board: Mario Abbud, MD, PhD Sao Jose do Rio Preto, Brazil, Carla C. Baan, PhD Rotterdam, The Netherlands, John Boletis, MD Athens, Greece, Christoph E. Broelsch, MD, PhD Essen, Germany, Felix Cantarovich, MD Paris, France, Domingo Casadei, MD Buenos Aires, Argentina, Jeremy Chapman, MD Sydney, Australia, Shih-Chieh Jeff Chueh, MD, PhD West Virginia, USA, Oliver Detry, MD, PhD Liege, Belgium, Sukru Emre, MD New York, NY, USA, Bengt Fellstrom, MD, PhD Uppsala, Sweden, Eli A. Friedman, MD Brooklyn, NY, USA, Gabriel Gondolesi, MD Buenos Aires, Argentina, David Grant, MD Toronto, ON, Canada, Bartley Griffith, MD Baltimore, MD, USA, Josep Grinyo, MD, PhD Barcelona, Spain, Mehmet Haberal, MD Ankara, Turkey, Uwe Heeman, MD Munchen, Germany, Alan D. Hess, MD Baltimore, MD, USA, Leona Holmberg, MD, PhD Seattle, WA, USA, Johnny Hong, MD Los Angeles, CA, USA, Richard Howard, MD, PhD Gainesville, FL, USA, Peter Hoyer, MD Essen, Germany, Suzanne Ildstad, MD Louisville, KY, USA, Ashok Jain, MD Rochester, NY, USA, Daniel Kreisel, MD, PhD St. Louis, MO, USA, John R. Lake, MD Minneapolis, MN, USA, Robert Langer, MD, PhD Budapest, Hungary, Joseph Lawen, MD Halifax, Canada, Gary Levy, MD Toronto, Canada, Josep Lloveras, MD Barcelona, Spain, Mariana Markell, MD Brooklyn, NY, USA, Marwin Masri, MD Beirut, Lebanon, Joshua Miller, MD Chicago, IL, USA, Richard Moore, MD Cardiff, Wales, Leszek Paczek, MD, PhD Warsaw, Poland, G. Alexander Patterson, MD St. Louis, MO, USA, Evan Pivalizza, MD Houston, TX, USA, David B. Ross, MD Edmonton, Canada, Wojciech Rowinski, MD, PhD Warsaw, Poland, Edward A. Santiago-Delpin, MD San Juan, PR, Mohamed H. Sayegh, MD Boston, MA, USA, Stefan Schneeberger, MD Innsbruck, Australia, Hans Sollinger, MD Madison, WI, USA, Jean-Paul Squifflet, MD, PhD Liege, Belgium, Rainer Storb, MD Seattle, WA, USA, David E. R. Sutherland, PhD, MD Minneapolis, MN, USA, Helio Tedesco, MD Sao Paulo, Brazil, Christian Toso, MD, PhD Geneva, Switzerland, Andreas Tzakis, MD Miami, FL, USA, Hannah Valantine, MD Stanford, CA, USA, Yves Vanrenterghem, MD Leuven, Belgium, Willem Weimar, MD Rotterdam, The Netherlands, Norio Yoshimura, MD, PhD Kyoto, Japan
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