Revue de Micropaléontologie

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Editor-in-Chief:Taniel Danelian





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Aims & Scope

Revue de micropaléontologie is one of five (5) journals in the world dedicated exclusively to microfossils, and one of the oldest journals in its discipline. Articles are concerned with a range of current topics in Paleobiology, Paleobiodiversity, Evolution, Systematics, Biostratigraphy and Paleoenvironmental reconstructions, especially those that allow linking the microfossil record to global climate and environmental change. The journal has become a key player in the establishment of biostratigraphy and of paleoenvironmental reconstructions as a fundamental tool in Earth Sciences, and especially in petroleum exploration and development.


Cette revue s'adresse à des chercheurs en paléontologie.

Abstracting and Indexing

GeoAbstracts and International Development Abstracts, Scopus
Rédacteur en chef Taniel Danelian , Rédacteur en chef honoraire Gérard Bignot , Rédacteurs Rodolfo Coccioni (Urbino, Italie), Jean-Paul Colin (Cestas, France), Joerg Mutterlose (Bochum, Allemagne), Conseillers scientifiques : H. Armstrong (Durham, UK), V. Barbin (Reims, France), P. Dumitrica (Berne, Suisse), E. Erba (Milan, Italie), S. Feist-Burkhardt (London, UK), F.J. Jorissen (Angers, France), B. Mamet (Bruxelles, Belgique), E. Masure (Paris, France), E. Molina (Zaragoza, Espagne), M. Moullade (Nice, France), H. Nishi (Sapporo, Japon), F. Paris (Rennes, France), K. von Salis (Zürich, Suisse), J-P. Suc (Lyon, France), M.-T. Venec-Peyré (Paris, France), S. Wise (Tallajassee FL, USA)
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